Understanding Perfections

women, courtesy of trekbikes.com
women, courtesy of trekbikes.com

“What do you seek from a woman?” one of my buddy asked me on the other day, while we’re having a lunch. A quite simple and short question, but could make a long and full perspective answers.
“I seek for her integrity. Her passion for life. And of course, her personality.” I answered.
“Don’t you seek for any perfection? Especially on her body, and physically?” he asked again. And, I didn’t take long time to answer that.
“I do seek. But that’s not the priority.”
“WHY?” he asked – again.
I took a deep breathe, and prepared the words and sentences correctly to answer – again the question.
“Because, I realized that nobody’s perfect. Only GOD that is perfect. Because, sometimes body – physically tricks you. Sometimes, what’s good physically, would be bad on other things. Especially her heart.”
He went silence. And I continued my lunch.

Perfect. That’s always wanted many people when they had a chance to have anything. Perfect, that’s what also people seek when they’re looking for their soul mate. But do they really with it?

For me, ‘perfect’ always make so many questions. And, the most asked questions, were WHY? Why should we seek ‘perfect’ if we can have ‘un-perfect’? Why ‘perfect’ which is so rare if the ‘un-perfect’ was plenty? Why ‘perfect’ if we can ‘un-perfect’? Why? Why?

I may seek for any equality in my life with any circumstances which related into it. But, do I seek for any perfection on it? I may say NO, but YES could be the answer for people who don’t know me. And, they may say that I’m also seeking for any perfection.

Well, if it already came into the misperceptions, or miscommunications, then the suitable solution for perfections, is understanding. Yes, the behavior for taking the middle way on it, is understanding. WHY? Because, with understanding, we can appreciate people, without hurting them, and on contrary people will appreciate us without being hurt.

Understanding is an attitude on controlling ourselves to be prepared for anything which is different with our wishes. Understanding is an attitude for believing, that no one is perfect, because perfections is only for GOD. Understanding is an attitude for accepting that any people in the world were special, different from the others, and GOD has reasons to make them so.

Shortly, understanding is controlling, believing, and accepting the differences. And I think anything –which so many people was- perfect, isn’t perfect without understanding. So, do we understand perfections? Should we? Can we?


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