Trust A Few, Fear The Rest

X-Men, image courtesy of wikipedia
X-Men, image courtesy of wikipedia

That’s the tagline from a famous movie, which was released years ago. If you’re really a movie freaks, then you might know that. But if you didn’t know, so I’ll tell you. It comes from X-Men, the first sequel from the trilogy. And last night, I saw it (again) on TV.

I remembered when that movie was released, it was reviewed in a teen magazine, on a special edition. One of my friends bought it, and I borrowed that and make a copy of it. I did it because I couldn’t afford to buy it that time. So, I just make a copy of it.

Just for your information, I’m one of many people in this world who loves comic characters. And, X-Men were one of them. I liked almost all of figures on X-Men. But, the figures that most get my attention, are Wolverine and Ice Man. Because they have their own ‘style’ and attitude.

The movie which I saw last night – X-Men, some critics said was the story of Wolverine. Well, they said like that, because the Wolverine character was so strong, and narrated from the beginning until the end. But still, I loved the appearance from Halle Berry as Storm.

Back to the movie itself, I think X-Men is a great movie to watch. It was creating a comic world into a real world, without letting go the essence from the movie itself – the battle of the good side and the bad side.

Overall, I guessed this movie made a good open road for the sequels – X-Men 2, and X-Men 3. And also, this movie was also a good start to wait for more X-Men movie franchises. The latest one, was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which will be released this year. And don’t get tricked by those who says, “The movie won’t come this year.”

So, overall the movie is a good thing to watch. Even though it was released years ago, but the story itself still makes a good understanding, especially about differencies. 😉


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