The Journey, vol.8: The Conversation

The Argo Anggrek train have been gone for 30 minutes from Gambir. It’s been a while. I bet I’m not on Jakarta area anymore, and toward Bandung right now. It’s also have been for 30 minutes I spent talking with Gia which is sitting right next to me.

Gia is one of many my college friends. We’re on the same university, but on a different department and faculty. I just knew her when I participated on some campus activities, and we’re on the same committee. She’s an interesting girl, energetic, clever, and always cheerful. Like right now, we’ve been on conversations for 30 minutes, but she seems to be on the mood for talking.

“So, you’re always hiking like this?” I asked.

“Yes, I am. Because sometimes I’ve had some kind of ‘feelings’ which I know, it isn’t good for me. It’s also a coincident, about two days ago I called some friends, and these two responded about hiking to Bandung.”

“How about your boss? Don’t you afraid he’ll be angry when you’re back later?”

“Bil, that’s the different between working on a foreign and a local company. If you’re worked on a foreign company, as long as your boss is okay with you, so you can do anything you needed. Besides, for this thing I’ve already asked for a day off about two days ago.” Gia explained.

I’m just listening to her.

“By the way Bil, have you been married?” Gia asked.

Somehow, I just didn’t expect that simple question from Gia. An old friend, which is long time haven’t see until today, and in sudden asked about my marriage status.

“I haven’t married, yet. I’m still collecting lots which were needed for it.”

“How about your ‘someone’? I bet you already have it, haven’t you?”

“Well, if I haven’t got my ‘someone’, why whould I’m collecting lots of thing?” I answered, and Gia laughed. “Well, how about you?”

“Me? Hmm.. I just don’t want to, yet. I’m still enjoying my daily life, and do travel. If I was married, and belongs to another people, which I should to take care about this house, kids, and also my husband? WOW, it’s a lot of things to do!”

Smile came up on my face.

“But, if you’re married, don’t you & your husband could do this activities – hiking together, if you had the same hobbies? Isn’t it great? You could do that ‘activities’ on the tent.” I made some jokes.

“Hahaha.. Oh, you Bil!” Gia laughed out loud. And I did the same thing.

While laughing, I watched Gia. It’s weird, she hasn’t thinking about marriage. I’m sure there were so many guys interested on her, but she rejected all of them. Or could be, those guys aren’t her type, an explorer which has commitment.

“Where would you go in Bandung, Gi?”

“So far, my targets are to Ciwidey, and also Tangkuban Parahu. I think those two is enough for a limited day off. Besides, those two places were well-known.” Gia answered.

“Looks like, it’s fun.”

“Someday, you could join me, Bil.”

“Yes, I would. But, I think it’s not easy to get a day off from my office.”

“Your boss won’t give it to you, or what?”

“Nope, but my job is always on deadline. And, sometimes I just forgot about time when I worked those deadlines. Even sometimes I forgot the days and calendar dates! So I just passed so many day off chances.”

“I don’t think that’s the reason, but hey, you had to change it. Watch out, don’t love your job. Or you’ll become trapped forever on that job. If only you could, just do what you love. That sounds good, and also great! So, you won’t forgot anything.”

“Hahahaha…” now, it’s my turn laughed clearly.

“Hey, I mean it.” Gia made some stressed on her voices. “For example, if you really love your job, or at least you like the job, the job would be tasteful, besides loving on your job.”

I lost my laughed. Somehow, I just feel that what Gia’s saying, is true. I wondered to my self. Do I love my job? Have I done what I love?

“Well, so far I’m just doing fine on my job. If I was on the boiling points, I think it’s natural. Everything has a boiling point, right? And I’m just being grateful because I had this job, than I don’t have any jobs.”

“Well, that’s a false paradigm. If you say so, I can guess what would you become. The most possible would be you’re on the top management of your company, or you’re on the same position right now, with plenty of skills.”

“Isn’t it great? So I would be always working.”

“Yes, working. And maybe you won’t make any chances for taking day off, take a vacation, or enjoying your life.”

“Do you enjoy your life, Gi?”

“Going on hiking is one of many my ways to enjoy my life. Even though, my job sometimes going hectic, but at least I had some times to enjoy my life as I wanted.”

I went silence, again. I think Gia’s right. Somehow I just forgot to spend some of my times to enjoy my life. To live my life. Realizing little things on my life. And now my life only for three things, working on the office, living my relationship with Monica, and keeping the good communication with my big family. Not more, and even sometimes it’s less enough, because Monica sometimes got mad if I gave her only few times.

“Hey, aren’t you listening on me?” Gia’s question took me on the reality. “What are you thinking?”

“Just simple thoughts about life, as what you’re telling.”

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