The Journey, vol.7: The Departure

6:45. Gambir.
I went directly to the platform after I paid the cab. Platform 3. There will be a train which will take me to Bandung that morning. I’m not use to take the train this early from Gambir, but I hope it’ll be quite empty. Well, so I’ll be easy to get on it.

I saw just a few people who are going to the Platform 3 with me. Great. It could be empty as well. It could be, less people who are using the Argo Anggrek train. It could be, all the passengers already on the Platform 3.

Less than 5 minutes, I’ve arrived on Platform 3. And yes it is, Argo Anggrek train already there. And, the platform was quite empty.

I read the ticket on my hand. I searched for the seat number, and the coach number. 3rd coach. Seat 3A. And, I looked into the train coach upon me. What a coincident, it’s 3rd coach. Great! I went directly to the nearest door.

When I stepped into the 3rd coach and searched for my seat, I heard voices which somehow I knew. She’s just only seconds away from me. Actually I wanted to find her, but well, just let it be. There’re still important things besides looking for the voices. Anyway, it could be only my feelings.

I’m looking for my seat on the almost empty rows, and I finally found seat 3A. Wow, it’s besides the window. Good. So I won’t get bored if I can’t sleep for 2-3 hours journey to Bandung. Seat 3B in besides of it also empty. It’ll be better if until the train leaves, noone came, so I can use it for my own.

I put my suitcase on the up locker of my seat. And I left my backpack on seat 3B. I sat on 3A, take a deep breath and watch over around.

I took my cellphone, and I pushed the Monica’s number. It’s dialing once, twice, and then I heard Monica’s voice.

“Halo? You’re on the train, eh?” Monica asked.

“Yes, Dear. I’m on the train. Looks like it’ll be going any minutes.” I answered.

“Be careful, will you my Love. If you’re arrived on Bandung, please let me know.” Monica asked again.

“Okay, Love. By the way, have you taken bath this morning?”

“Nope, not yet. I’m still on the bed. I think I’m not going to the office today.”

“Why? If you’re not going to the office, you’re not gonna get the transportation & lunch allowances. You said that allowances would be useful for our marriage preparations.” I reminded her.

“Well, I’d be just counting on you, my fiancée. Besides, will you let me work after we’re married? I don’t think you will.”

“Okay..okay.. If you’re not going to the office today, so be it. If your feelings saying so, then don’t go to the office. Sometimes, hunch could be a direct vision of our future.” I said.

“Yes, Dear.”

“Got to go. Bye.”

“Bye.” Monica hangs my phone call.

I put my cellphone back into the jacket’s pocket. And then I’m watching for the business on Platform 3 by the window. Some trains go by. Looks like it’s the economy train. It’s full with people.

The, I heard the same familiar voices again. Now, the voices going closer than before. It’s getting close to me from my back.

“…Our third seat should be on the coach, and not the one before. Because that one was seated by other people, I suppose.”

“…Yeah, it could be.”

I was so curios of the voices itself, and I wonder who she is by seeing into the direction, but then I didn’t do it. Let it be. If she knew me, she would be called me.

And she is. She called me.


I looked over. A women with her hair on her shoulder, on a green colored tight T-shirt, with a jeans is standing over my 3B seat. She’s carrying on a big enough backpack, and she looks like a hiker, a mount explorer. And yes, I knew her.


“Hi! What’s up? Long time no see!” Gia gives her hand asking me to shake it.

I stand up, and reach it. We shake our hands.

“I’m fine, thanks. I’m going to Bandung now, since I had this assignment from my office.” I answered. “How about you?”

“Well, I’m fine of course, as you can see. I’m going to Bandung as well, looking for some natural tourism with my friends there.” Gia pointed to her back, to the seat 3C & 3D. “Are you sitting on 3A?”

“Yes, I am. Why? Yours on 3B, huh?”

Gia shakes her head.

“Well then, what a coincident! We can share some stories later!” I took my backpack on the 3B, and put it on the 3A seat. Gia directly puts her backpack on the 3B seat.

“You betcha, Bil!”

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