The Journey, vol.6: The Incident

That morning I wake up late. Well, 30 minutes later still be called as late, right? So, I always wake up at 5 o’clock, but that day I wake up 5:30. And, after wake up, I immediately go to the bathroom.

About 15 minutes, I finished bathing and brush my teeth. I recheck all my belongings. Started with checking my luggage, backpack bag containing a laptop, and the train ticket. Argo Anggrek. 7 o’clock. Gambir. Okay, I think everything is ready.

I went out of my apartement, and lock it. Then while walking on the hall and took the luggage and backpack in the back, I press the Monica’s number on my cellphone.

Once. Twice. Tone sounds three times before finally I heard the voice Monica.

“Hello, Love. Are you leaving?” Monica responds.

“Yes, I am. I just went out from the apartment, and now going to the lobby.” I answered.

“Okay, then. Be careful on the road. You get the taxi to Gambir, ‘eh? And your bike would be kept on garage of the building, right? ”

“Yes. Just calm. I’ll let you know later when I’ll go from Gambir. ”

“Take care, babe.”

“Okay, honey. Love you.” I said.

“Love you too.” Monica answered. And then I hang up the phone connection.

The elevator door opens directly when I push the down button. It seems indeed that there is no one waken up in this building in this morning. Great. So, I can go directly to lobby and take a taxi to Gambir.

I pressed the G button, and the elevator door was shut immediately after I was on it. Slowly, the display panel in which is showing the floor, start decreasing. From the 10th floor of my apartment, then off to the Ground floor. But, in the 3rd floor, the elevator is slowing down and then stopped.

Doors open, and I see a young woman with a bandage clothing blazer canal work which has a dapple is standing with a small bag that hang on her shoulder. Without any notice, she entered the elevator, and stand in my side. She saw at a glance to the button panel of the floor, but she didn’t push anything. It seems she was heading to the Ground.

Soon, the elevator doors are closing again. And then moving to the ground floor. With me on it. And the young women on my side. Somehow, but there is something which is interesting from her. Somehow, her clothes, or even her silence attitude which is without any language. And, I realized that I was almost 6 months lived in this building, but I have not had time to recognize who is also live on it. Not just a different floor like this women, but with the one which is on the same floor with me, I just do not know!

Ground floor, the elevator stopped. Doors open, and the young women get out first without seeing on me. I then followed her out of the elevator, and I just paying attention to her direction. But, in a glance the woman does not around anymore, eventhough I put my eyes to find her. There is no trace of her, although it has not been busy activities on the lobby that morning. There is only me, the night guards security, and some who seem as postal workers and newspaper deliveryman.

I stop. Confused.

“Who are you looking for, Bil?” Edhie directly asked me, he’s the young night guards security. He seems on my age.

“Edhie, did you see any women came out from the elevator? Pretty enough.” I asked.

“Huh? What? Pretty? Work clothes? I saw the person which is getting out of the elevator, just you Bil. Noone else. Are you dreaming? You aren’t a sleepwalker, are you?” then Edhie laughs.

“Are you sure? I really saw her went out from the same elevator with me. She came from the third floor, and going down to ground. You should’ve been seen her, Edhie.”

“What, Bil? Third floor? ”

“Yes. Third floor! So what? ”

Edhie’s laughter just lost. Switched to serious and also think hard.

“This conditions happen a lot. I think you just had a bad luck this morning because you met her. Because, besides you some people also got the same situations. Almost nine people.”

“What happened so it can be like this?”

“Long story, Bil. It’s also variated! I was sometimes so confused about the story was. But the truth is, the story isn’t scary enough. But well, it is a bit confusing. ”

I see Edhie’s faces, which is not telling lie. If I have a lot of time, I may hear all of the story, so I will know.

“Let me guess. Is this building has something which is waiting? “I asked.

Edhie went to silent a moment. He’s looking around the lobby space which is suddenly quiet and not have anyone at it. Newspaper  deliveryman and postal officials also have been gone somewhere else. On the quiet, I had a goosebumps.

“Every buildings has it’s own something which is waiting.” Edhie answered.

What the hell is this? Why am I getting this?

“Do you want me to get you a taxi? Seems to you’re going out of town.” Edhie offered me soon after he seems to realize the changes on my attitude. And, I did not take long for agreeing his offer.

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