The Journey, vol.5: The Harbor

Sea welcomes me with the wind on my face. And then, on return I was pushed back to the sea. Full moon. It must be a good night to sail. But the harbor is empty. The fishermans could be sailed, or they don’t sail at all.

She’s there. At the first place I brought her here. Sit back on a chair. Her hair waved by the wind, facing the sea. Showing her back on me. Keep me on silence. Not noticing me even though I made my steps with voices.

“Ehem..” I make a sound once. No respond. But I’m still walking toward her, and hoping she’ll look back at me. But she didn’t. Even though I’m standing on her back, and facing the same sea with her.

“You should told me if you’re going out of town.” She said without turning back her body, or even looked at me.

“I know. It’s just, I wanted to tell you when I meet you. I was planned to pick you up at your office, you know. But you weren’t there, and I knew you’ll be here.” I answered.

“For about three hours?” Monica asked again.

“I faced traffic jam. Even though I used my bike, I can’t avoid it. And you know that my office is on the west side, yours in east side, and now, here we’re on the north side of the town.” I defended my self.

“Same classic reason. I’m tired listening to it.” And then, Monica went silence. Long enough to make me feels guilty.

Usually, when this situation comes, I left her alone. Giving her time. Letting her feels her emotions, and ended it by herself. And also, I’m throwing out all of my anger. Realizing what’s my fault, if any. But, not now. Because I’m not entirely guilty. Because I’m sure, it shouldn’t be like this.

“Well, if you wanted here then. So, I’ll give it to you now.” I put my hand into my pocket on the jacket. I took out a small box which has a ribbon on it. The color might be not good when I picked it – light blue, but the box cover is so soft.

I walked by to her. She’s still staring at the sea. Less caring me.

“For you.” I gave her the small box.

Once, she didn’t look at all. But maybe she’s curios, and finally she looked. Not at me, but the small box. And, on the dark, I can feel her face is changing.

Her both hands took my hand which is lending her the small box. She’s grabbing on it. Her face looked at me with a cheerful smile. Her eyes just like stars which were shining. I can see, she’s happy.

“Bil, you.. this is..” Monica can’t speak clearly, and forgotten her annoying behavior.

“It’s for you. Take it, and open it.” I gave her the small box on her both hands, and I took back my hands from her. “I just can give you that, for now. But I hope you’ll like it.”

Monica doesn’t speak much. She seems surprised. But in the dark of harbor lights, she took the ribbon and small box is untied. Slowly, she opens the small box. And suddenly, her face showing the unexpected expression.

“A key?” she asked. “What key? I thought it was a ring! HUH!”

Monica took the key from the small box, and then she keeps it on her fist. Looks like, she’s planning to throw the key to the sea, before I can stop it.

“WAIT! Don’t throw it away! It’s an important key!” I yelled.

“What the hell of a key?”

I went silence. I already thought Monica would be so curios when I gave her a key. But, the real plan wasn’t like this. I didn’t plan to give her the key right in this harbor. Not beneath an open sky with full moon on it. But, it’s even better.

“You always said to me, that you wanted to have my apartment keys. And, that’s it. You have the rights to get in and out of my apartment. Anytime. While I’m there, or not. But please, keep and use that key wisely.” I said the reason.

Monica went silence. She just can’t believe with the reason that I told. But, her anger seems missing. Her face shows again the expression that I can’t guess. But clearly, it’s not an anger.

“You.. you.. you are wayout, Bil! But, I like this gift!” Monica said that, and walking into me. Went on to my chest. Hugs me. Hold me. And, I did the same thing to her.


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