The Journey, vol.4: The Questions

“How many days would you be in Bandung, Bil? Two days, eh? Why do you un hurry?” Chris asked while taking a spoon of his food, which is a shuffled noodle a la Betawi – Jakarta, on our favorite restaurant.

“Well, that’s what Paulo said to me this morning. I was surprised, because it’s so sudden. This morning I had the news, and tomorrow morning I’ll be on my way. I had some feeling telling me, that it should be him who’s going to Bandung. But then, he couldn’t make it because some reason which I don’t know, and noone else can do either. So, I’m the one who’s going to bandung.” I answered while having my lunch.

“It would so great. In fact, you could be our boss when you’re back from Bandung later.” Chris added while passing his eyes to another work mates, such as Lia, Ricky, and also Evy.

“Yeah, but if you’re really our boss later, just don’t be such an a**hole, or I – myself will kick your ass.” Lia said.

“I don’t think the kick in the ass is really necessary. I’ll be just tell Momon.” Evy added. Momon is the nick name for Monica, my girlfriend which she’s also Evy’s friend.

“Woo…, how cruel you guys are. Just don’t matter about that. I haven’t gone to Bandung yet, and you’re already wondering about the conditions if I’ll be your boss.” I answered. “Just enjoy our meal, shall we?”

Lia, Ricky and Evy are smiling while eating the lunch. And, the rest of the lunch time, wasn’t only for the shuffled noodle a la Betawi, but also a large cup of a fruit juice each. Well, that’s how we do our lunch when we’re together.

After the lunch time finished, we get back to our jobs. Lia, was an administration and finance staff in my office, while Ricky is one of her work mates. And, Evy is a manager’s assistant on marketing, which only few months on her post yet. And me, who’s just a regular R&D team staff.

Our friendship was started when I recognized that Lia was my high school mates, and Ricky was on the same college campus with me. And Evy, she’s the girl that I almost got into when I’m still single and no relations, but then I – accidentally got her friend, Monica who’s working on other company as an administration staff.

Time’s going fast, and it was afternoon already. Almost four o’clock, and Paulo sent me an e-mail, which saying that I could go home earlier today to prepare things for tomorrow’s trip. But, I didn’t use to go home early, and for what? I’m pretty sure that I can prepare things all of my needs such as clothes, and also other needs just in a while. Unless…

My cell phone rings. “Love of My Life” was written on the screen. It’s Monica.

“Yes, Honey? What’s up?” I asked when I answered the phone.

“How come you didn’t tell me that you’re going to Bandung?” Monica asked to me. From her voice, I knew she’s angry.

“You got that information from whom? I just wanted to tell you already.” I said. Trying not to angry also.

“You’re changed. You always said to me that, it’s better to know directly from you or me, than other people. How come you’re going to Bandung, and I just knew that information from Evy despite you?” Monica’s anger is driven up.

Silence. I can only silence. She’s got the point though. Because, I am wrong didn’t tell her yet.  But some of it was way out of the understanding. Because I’m planned to tell her this afternoon, and Paulo was contacted me just this morning.

“I already knew it this morning. I was trying to call you.” I answered diplomatically.

“HAH! From this morning, until this afternoon, what are you doing? Why don’t you use the lunch time to call me? Evy said she’s also knew it when she’s having lunch time with you. Why didn’t you call me?”

“Well, how do you wanted it? Just don’t get angry like that. I’m not fully guilty.” I said before my feelings growing bad.

“What ever!” CLICK! The phone line cut off. And I can only silence. This is one of many Monica’s behavior that I don’t like. Cutting the conversation, in the middle of it.

I took deep breath. Well, Monica got a point. I do have some mistakes. But still, why she should get angry? Why she should had so many emotions? Is it just because she knew the information from Evy? No. I think there’s something else.

I look at my watch. A quarter past four.

Just in a few minutes, I took my jacket. I get my bike, and hit the road.


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