The Journey, vol.3: The Preparation

“Here’s your train ticket, and this is your hotel’s information where you will spend a night, Bil.” Carla gave me an envelop which contained with train ticket, and a paper which is written the name and the address of my hotel for tomorrow.

“Do I get some cash?” I asked.

“Yes, you do. But, please wait, okay? The money is still on the way here. I was waited for the approval for the cash, and it spent almost all day. Paulo was so sudden, so I didn’t prepare a thing. It shouldn’t work, but hey, it’s me.. Carla. And I did it.” Carla smiles while winked her eye.

“Haha.. I can’t wonder what would this floor without you.”

“Hahahahaha..” Carla laughed.

“Well, I’m going to my desk. I had something that I need to search first, for tomorrow. Just tell me if you had any news for it. And, just yell out if I didn’t hear you.” I stand up, and walked by to my desk.

“Okay.” Carla said.

I walked to my desk, to my notebook which I already saved on it after Paulo’s assignment. And, my office room was still quiet. I saw the clock, and it’s nearly 9 o’clock. But, I think it’s something usual if many people weren’t present already. I think it’s only me who was too diligent.

I took my chair, and opened the email inbox. Well, nothing interesting. So, I clicked on the web browser, and I looked for some pages in the internet which related into my assignment for 2 days, tomorrow. Keyword such as “technique”, “creative” and “visualization” is what I typed, and results hundred pages. Wow! So many!

One by one, I opened those pages. I read, analyze, and I took some notes from it. Hmm.. it’s still new for me. Because as Paulo said, my duties tomorrow would be analyzing, and finding out whether any chances for cooperation with the Bandung’s job. On contrary, my job lately, was only doing the execution, but not preparation.

Not long enough, while waiting the news from Carla, I logged on my instant messenger, and also to some social network sites. I wrote on all of it my status, ‘Going to Bandung. Tomorrow, and the day after.’ I hoped someone would read it, but if it’s none, it’s okay. In the meantime, I’ll be just fine going to Bandung. Because, if there’s any chances, I would like to meet some of my old friend, which is they now lived and stayed at Bandung.

And, someone responded on my status. At least, that what I could read out from the first sentence on a instant messenger window which popped out from Stefi. And old friend, whose we graduated from the same high school, but different year – she’s 2 years before me. Still, she was a senior which was so annoying! Always telling me to get some activities on the school, who is the same with her.

“Step by to my house. I’ll introduce you with my fiancée.” Stefi said.

“I’d like to do so, Stef. But, I don’t know Bandung so much.” I replied.

“Huh? Didn’t you toured to Bandung in the high, did you?”

“Haha.. it was old days. Not now. I already forgot it.” I smiled again while remembering my teen ages.

“Hoho.. okay then. Just let me know when you arrived to Bandung. You had some business here, hadn’t you?”

“Well, it’s just an office assignment. It’s also so sudden. But, I just get through with it. As simple as that. :D” I replied again.

“Already scheduled?”

“Not yet. But, if I had any chances, I wanna meet you. Maybe on the night?”

“Well, where would you stay?”

“I was planned to stay at Dago Hotel.”

“Hey, it’s close enough if you wanted to meet at mall, or another dine place. Just tell me, okay? By the way, your cell phone number is still the same, right?”

“Yes. And your number, Stef? Still the same, right?”

“Yes, it is. I’ll be waiting for some news from you.”

“Okay. By the way, are you really had a fiancée?” I asked again.

“Yes, I do have. The plan is, I would be married on 2 months from now. Please come! I’ll give you the invitation.”

“Where? Bandung?”

“Nope. Tasik.”

Tasik, or Tasikmalaya, is my city of birth, and also my place where I spent almost all of my teen ages. Huff.. I don’t know why, but it seems so heavy to read out that words.

“Hoo.. great! I’ll be waiting for your invitations!” I wrote that.

“BIL!” I heard Carla’s yelling. On reflect, I looked at her, and she’s giving me a sign to get to her office. Those kind of yelling is already usual things, even Carla was ‘only’ a secretary and also a receptionist. Well, it’s all because this office was neat, and so close between the employees.

“Stef, got to go. I’ll catch you up later. Bye..” so I left my desk and my laptop, and walked to Carla’s desk.


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