The Journey, vol.2: The Assignment

That morning sounds as usual. Nothing’s special, except the Jakarta’s traffic jam, which I’ll meet after I went out from the alley of my place. Well, this is the character of Jakarta. A megapolis city which trapped on a traffic jam which is a routine for every citizens.

Urban. That’s what every people said about “my” town. Long away from proud, I was remembered into a movie, on series, and came up with so many versions. Until, I wondered, whether one of the stories on the movies, were actually true.

My watch still showed 7 a.m. when I routed into the street into my office. The roads were still, and not much cars and motorcycles on it. I chose “mouse path” which isn’t full enough, but very effective to avoid the traffic jam, and get me closer to the office. Even though, after the “mouse path” I –still- should use the major street, but I didn’t have any anger on traffic jam.

I spent almost 40 minutes to get to the office. Faster than public transportation. But should be careful enough, and good condition physically. Because if we used public transportation, there’d be the driver to drive the vehicle. But still, it’ll cause another illness, such as “heart beat”. 😀

After I parked my motorcycle on the parking area, I went to office building. I wipe my card for morning attendant, and directly to the elevator. Empty. Just me who “lives” on that elevator, and I pressed the floor number of my office. It’s not 8 o’clock, yet. Great. I still have some moment before to start my day.

As the elevator opens on my office’s floor, I went out and go directly to the men’s room. I need to wash my face. Using motorcycles sometimes could be resentful, because dust and also smoke from the exhaust could make my face dirty. Even though I used any full face helmet, my face still dirty.

Less than 5 minutes, I’m done and go directly to my office. Well, it actually more appropriate to be said as a big hall, with cubicles on it with the worker. And, I’m one of the workers. For a while, I remembered into bees. They live on a huge nest, with tiny rooms which provided for the worker bees to gain any food, and produce honey. Am I the worker bees? Well, it could be.

I opened the front door, and some parts of the office room were still dark. Well, before 8 o’clock most of the lamps weren’t shut on by the building management. The reason is, to make the electricity bills lower, and to support the environment. It’s good though. Make me a little bit difficult to work in the morning, but still today I didn’t. So, I just enjoyed it.

Carla, the secretary which also the receptionist on my floor already seen in her place. She’s busy typing something on her computer. But, when I walked in front of her, she greeted me.

“Morning, Bil.” Carla greeted me and smiling.

“Morning, Carla.” I said to her, gave her a little smile, but not stopping my steps.

After Carla’s desk, is Paulo’s room, my supervisor. He would say as a boss, but he don’t want to be said like that. Just supervisor, he said. Because boss, usually gave a negative meaning. Like something big, strong, and had influenced besides the supervisor means. Even actually in reality, he’s like that. But then, I don’t care enough about it.

Except –maybe- that morning his door are opened, and sounds like someone was moving on it. I thought it was Cleaning Service officer. But it’s not. Because while I went through the front of his doors, I saw Paulo walking around in his office while speaking to his cellphone.

I don’t know where it comes from, but then I turned around and walked to Paulo’s doors. I didn’t knock the door yet, but Paulo turned at me at his face was looked like founded a solution for a problem. He waved his hand, and told me to wait. Not long enough, he finished his conversations, and closes his cellphone.

“Yes, Paulo? What’s up?” I asked Paulo while he’s walking to me.

“I have an assignment for you. You can do it, do you? I think you need some times for refreshment.” Paulo answered.

“Eh? Going to other city?” I asked again.

“You are one hundred percent right! How do you know?”

“Well, I just knew. Which city? When? How long?”

“Bandung. Two days. You’re leaving tomorrow.”

“What? Tomorrow?” I was so surprised.

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