The Journey, vol.1

walking on the sand, courtesy of
walking on the sand, courtesy of

“When you’re at the boiling point of your life, going back to where you’re belonged is the right choice. To the place feels home.”

Home. I’ve already forgotten what the real mean from that word which contained four letters. At least, that what I felt these years. Because actually, back on the old times, I knew where was my home. But now?

People said, home is a place to be protected. From heat, cold, and to gather around with family, and those who we loved. Hmm.. well that sounds true actually. But, just for the part which saying, protecting from heat, and cold. Gather around with family? Hmm.. I’ve already done it. But, whose?

A soul of an explorer, looks like really attached into my life. I love to explore new places, or maybe old places but had so many historical means – especially for me. So, it makes senses if I often to visit monuments, and museums, just to satisfy my interests for old times way of living. But still, it doesn’t enough.

I dream for a journey. And if it could, a simple journey. A backpack journey. Going to one place to another just using a minimalist fund, and carrying not much stuff. Just a backpack, and also a camera for documentation, plus a journal book or a laptop which includes an unlimited internet access, so I can write and publish my journal online.

But looks like that dream needs a long time until I can make it true. Or maybe, I won’t make it true. Because life already make me bored, and also trapped me into a routine activities and also a responsibilities, which actually not mine. Damn!

Although, back to where we belonged, maybe such a way out. Even just for a while, and it’s not final, but at least can reduce my boredness of life, and return some of my spirits which lost already. Yes, I need it – indeed, those spirits. But the next questions would come up. Where do I belong?

Seeing my life which is ‘already’ 23 years in this world, I shouldn’t has many stories to tell. But the fact is saying differently. Because so many people said, and also my friends, I’ve already had so many experiences to share. And, sometimes it inspires them to get the good of my experiences. Eventhough, not all of it is good – subjectively.

Back to the question itself. Where I belonged. The most strongest options would be divided into two cities which I ever lived the longest time. First one would be Jakarta, which is being my place to live all the routines, and trapped on responsibilities nowadays. And the second one, would be Tasikmalaya, my place of birth, and also the place where I colored my teenage on high schools. But, am I really belonged to those places?

Home. That would be the real place where I belonged. Because, I departed to explore my life, from a real home. And, after I explored life, I went back to the real home. But, where is the real home actually?

The wrestle on questions, who is really stab my heart, stopped on a point. Give me a chance to re-walk this life, sort of flashback on places which I ever visited, and those people whose coloring my life.


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