The Journey, vol.9: The Strange Coincidence

9.45, St. Hall
Gia is preparing all of her hiking equipment even the train wasn’t stopped on the station. Her friends which is on the next seat, was doing the same thing. They seems not wanted to lost each time at all.

I just watched on silence. What for I’m in rush? I have estimated that I’ll take care everything about this Bandung chances after lunch. Because anyway, the appointment itself was on 1 p.m. on the office of I’m visiting for.

Not long enough, the train was stopped on the station. Gia and her friends, prepare to get off the train. They just stand in front of their own chair, and waited to get into the front hall, and get out.

“Nice chat, Bil. Hope, I’ll see you soon. Maybe on my next hike?” Gia said that just before she went out the train, while I’m just sitting on my seat.

“Well, probably. Anyway, thanks for the great conversation for almost three hours. I bet this is the longest conversation that ever made, because it’s ranged from Jakarta to Bandung!”

“Haha.. you nailed it, Bil.” Gia laughed. “Okay, I’d better go now. See you!”

Gia then stepped ahead to the front of the train, carrying her hiking equipments, and followed by her two friends. One of them which was got out last, take a look at me, and nodded her head. I replied to her, and nodded mu head.

The passengers who are on the same train with me, started to move to the front to get off from the train. I rise, took my backpack on my back, and also my small suitcase from the small compartment on the top of the chair. Then I sat back. Waiting for the queue to be lessen.

Not for long enough, the queues are less enough, and I stand up and prepared to get off the train. While I’m going to the exit door, I watched the platforms on the Hall Station. The ambience of the Bandung air which is different from Jakarta started felted. And, after I fully get out from the train, I took a deep breath of Bandung’s air.

Cool. Fresh enough even there’s some smell which is annoying. But it’s different from Jakarta for sure.

I stepped and looking for the station’s exit. And, I watched the business of the stations on the morning. The passenger, carry labor, train officers, and lots of trader walking by on the station. I bet there’s a lot, but on some unique arrangement. Interesting, I’m sure.

I’m getting closer to the exit door. An officer which is taking place on the exit door, asked for my train ticket. I showed to him, and he took it to give it back to me. Then I walked out of the station, and my sight just spotted to something.

A guy stood by leaning back on his car. He watched directly to me. His eye brow is wrinkled. His mustache is thin. He looks older than last time I met him. His face has lots of aging signs.

Without I realized it yet, I stepped over him. His eye brow gets more wrinkled while he’s looking at me. And, about 2 meters from him, I stopped.

“Abdul?” I said.

“Billy?” He said on the return.

I went on laugh, and Abdul did so. We walked closer and the shook our hands.

“What’s up, Dul? What are you doing in here?” I asked.

“I’m doing fine, Bil. I just got my wife on a train on out of town.” Abdul answered. “And, what are you doing?”

“I just got some business with a company on Bandung. Well, some office duties you know.” I told him. “Dul, I didn’t get a false hear did I? A wife? You never told me that you’re married. You didn’t even invite me.”

“Well actually, when I got married I wanted to invite you, but I don’t know your address. ‘Coz you’re moved to Jakarta, but you didn’t told me your address. Besides, I didn’t have your phone number. How could I sent the invitations?”

“What? Ayu didn’t tell you?”

“Ayu? She’s in Jakarta also. Don’t you know about that?”

“Huh? How come? From when?”

“Ah, I don’t think if we’re taking conversations here it’ll be great. Why don’t we just take a look for some cozy place, while remembering the old days.” Abdul asked me. “You’re not in a rush, are you?”

I watched over my watch. 10.17.

“I think I’m not in rush. I just got an appointment after lunch on Upper Dago.”

“Well, let’s just go over there. We’ll take a look for some place near Upper Dago, so you could go to the appointment easier. How about that?”

“Let’s go, Dul!”

I didn’t take a long time to decide and agree it. Besides, when will I could got remembering my old days, with one of my many close friends on high school? But it’s strange though, how come on one day, on a long trip, I could meet two of my old friends? Weird.


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