The Journey, vol.14: The End?

Hei readers, I’m turning down the following stories in The Journey’s volumes. The reason is, I haven’t got any more powers to write down the stories, since the real thing has happened months ago. And yet, I’m in the mood for sharing another things than stories in The Journey’s volumes.

But then, this ‘incident’ would be a temporary. And, in the future there’s a possibilities that I would make any stories in The Journey’s volume, but in a different type, a different point of view, and a different stories – of course.

All of this stuff is another way from myself to make my site would be better and would more represents my ideas, my life, and myself – certainly. And, I do need your support to make all of this happens.

Anyway, this is also on the spirit of my renewal, on a new year of 2010, welcoming the new decades on 3rd millenium ages. And therefore, changes are needed to make things still going and running.

So, don’t go away to far. Because, I’m gonna make this site more livable. 😉

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