The Journey, vol.13: The Offer

I spent the rest of the day with the same-boring-meeting after the break. And, even though I already knew about what to discuss, but I went no more silence. I gave some inputs, and also suggestions to all of the meeting’s participants.

Some of my inputs seems to be nailed. I don’t think it’s because I was the representatives from Jakarta, but more because each of my inputs wasn’t thought before by them. And yeah, I hope those inputs would be more useful someday and the practiced so this Bandung office would be greater than before. Especially for the creative visualization strategies which will be developed here.

My no-more-silence attitude and the sparking inputs didn’t show up by it self. I just need to get more focus, positive, and professional after I couldn’t contact Monica yet. Okay, she’d be angry. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t work. And, going to home town seem to be a good choice.

Half past five in the afternoon, meetings discussion already gathered to some crucial points, and only ideas which is sharpen it has spoken. Those participants also look satisfied by the growth which is happened. No faces look like wanted to get home early. It’s so different when I participated into meetings in Jakarta.

And then, after the brief conclusion about that day meeting from R&D Chief, meeting was declared finished. All participants gathered their own papers, and data sheets on the desk. I’m also doing it since lots of papers I took from Jakarta.

One by one participants got out from the meeting room, and there’s only me, Heru – R&D Chief, Martin – which I recognized as the R & D Staff, and Desi – the meeting’s notulent. While I’m still gathering all of my papers, Heru is walking by to me, while Martin took a chat with Desi.

“I never guessed that Jakarta’s Office would send people for this unnecessary thing. I thought, the one that come, would be just an ordinary staff, that just being a representative. In the mean time, your ideas back then, was spectacular!” Heru said to me.

“I’m just doing my job, Sir.” I answered. Even though, I didn’t know from where I got those ideas.

“Don’t be such a humble, Bil. I knew the different between smart people with brilliant ideas, compared with a people which is assigned to say so.” said Heru. “By the way, your position would be good enough then? Chief of assistant, I guess?”

I smiled.

“I’m just an ordinary staff, Sir. Chief of assistant are already taken by others. And, there are two or three more assistants. I’m just, a soldier for them. Not the captain, nor the mayor.” I answered.

“Impossible! You’d a Chief of assistant!” Heru speaks loudly. “Let me call your boss. What’s his name? Paulo, eh?”

Heru took out his cellphone, and pushed some buttons. He waited for the tone while I’m trying to stay cool, not trying to think what would be said by Paulo, and filed all the documents. I won’t let anything left here, because I need to re-read all of it tonight, and send a report by the morning.

“Hi, Paulo! Yes, it’s Heru! How are you doin’?” Heru speaks loudly near me.

“Yeah, the meeting’s fine. Well finished. And in fact, it’s great! I’m so glad with the one that you sent. His ideas were so extraordinary! I didn’t expect that you’d send me such a person as him!”

My heart flew to the sky. Heru’s compliments on the phone I hope it’s the truth, and would increase my career’s chances.

“By the way, I’d like to ask one thing. This Billy, he said he’s just a staff on your office? Is it correct? What? So you wasted him just to be your staff? Then, what’s your assistant did?”

Heru’s face seems angry. He looks doesn’t happy with Paulo’s answers. I’m wondering, who is this Heru? What’s the real position that he took? Why he seems so powerful tnah Paulo?

“If I were you, Paulo, I would choose one clever assistant than two or more assistants which they stupid enough to be expert in just one field. It doesn’t make any sense! One assistant would be more effective to handle all staffs, and selective than two or more which would separate staffs.”

Heru’s words somehow felt really right on my deepest feelings

“Well then, if he’s not getting the Chief of Assistant position there, let him be my assistant here. How’s that sound? Do you agree with it? You better get me the answer quickly, before tomorrow’s morning!”

Heru shuts his phone. Somehow, I could imagine how Paulo’s reaction at Jakarta. His face would shows anger, and he doesn’t like if anyone hung up first before him. But, that imagination just lost as Heru stares at me. And, his word about being his assistant returned over and over on my ears.

“So, do you interested?” Heru asked.

“Of what?” I asked back. Surprised and trying to understand each moments which just happened.

“Well, if you’re not quite used at Jakarta, you’d be just my assistant over here. Don’t worry about the salary. I’ll use the standard of our company. But then, if you’d like to use the Jakarta’s standard, I don’t mind about that.”

Hmm.. his words seems to vulgar. But then, maybe it’s his character. Still, what should I answered?

“Can I think about it first?”

“Of course you can do it, Bil! That kind of decision needs no time of hurry, but sooner is better!” Heru answered while laughed.

Heru put his hand over my back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then. And, you’d better think about the offer tonight.”

I smiled. Forced to. I’ll let Heru enjoy my confuses. Well, the offer just to good to I refuse just now. But, again and again.. so many things that I need to consider.

Heru walked out the meeting room. Martin still with Desi, continuing some talks which I don’t know. I continue put my things done, making sure nothing’s left, checking that everything has put into my bag.

“He never make funny if he offered something.” Martin said.

I stared at him. He’s standing over at me while taking his papers. Desi looks getting her things.

“I knew it, Sir. And, the good example would be me.” Desi said while still getting her things. “I was an usual secretary at an client office back then. Later on, I met him and he offered me to move here. And, as I said yes, he asked to my boss to get me out of there.”

“Wow, what a fighter boss, eh?” I said.

“That’s why I said, he never make funny with his offer. Because, he’d try anything matters just to get what he wanted to.” Martin answered.

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