The Journey, vol.12: The Thought

The meeting went so boring. Nothing’s interesting besides strategic plans which I’ve already known since my departure to Bandung. Well, I had to make some inputs though, but somehow I just didn’t do.

2 hours. Then, coffee break. Yeah, great. At least I had some times to get rid this bored from my head since the meeting started.

I went to the front office room. Seeing to the road. Enjoying the traffic of Bandung’s public transportation and lots of vehicles which is used by Bandung’s residences. And somehow, I remembered my hometown.

It’s not the traffic that I remembered, but the peaceful and also the rarity of traffic jam. Enjoying morning and afternoon walk by foot. Being lonesome, but every step has a story.

Could it be, after this Bandung task I went to my hometown? Just to get rid of deadlines, and also take some break in the middle of business? Would it happen?

It’s been a while since my last time visit to Tasikmalaya. And, I think nothing’s wrong if I asked for a sudden vacation like this to Paulo. But in reality, Paulo isn’t the one I worried about.

I pressed a speed dial on my cellphone. Then, the tone heard.

“Yes Dear, what’s up?” asked Monica directly on the phone. “Miss me, huh? I miss you too.”

I smiled. Somehow I just loved to hear that kind of sweet words from her.

“Yeah, I miss you so much. It felt like I want you to be here with me at Bandung. Then, we’ll go shop till drop again.” I said.

“Oh you…”

“Well, it’s the truth isn’t it? You’re a shopaholic, Honey..”

“Okay, Dear.”

“What are you doing? I’m at a meeting break. It’s boring so much.” I asked her.

“As usual, check and recheck datas. I’m gonna have coffee break though, but uhm.. maybe I’ll pass it to get things done, and get home earlier. I’d like to try the keys that you gave me last night.”

“Well, don’t get things messy will, you?”

“No.. I won’t get it messy, just I’ll rearrange a la Monica.” She answered.

And suddenly my apartment appeared on my mind, and all of the stuffs there is in a good proper, with lots of feminine stuffs. The colors changed from light blue dominant without wallpaper, to pink, bright yellow, and colorful wallpapers.

“Don’t be such extreme, will ya? I don’t want when I’m back, I’ll think that I get in to a wrong apartment.”

“Hehe.. But, if you opened the door and I’m there, would you think that you’re still on the wrong apartment?”

“Of course not, Dear! In fact, I’ll be so much sure that I was on the right apartment.” I answered correctly.

“Okay..okay.. anyway, when will you be back? Isn’t it tomorrow?”

“On the schedule, it was just two days on Bandung until tomorrow, but the night there’s option to get some rest again before get back. But…” I’m thinking about the appropriate words to Monica.

“What happens? Does the schedule changed?”

“Not really. It’s still the same. It’s just, I thought to go to my hometown, Tasik.”

“…..” no voices on the phone. Monica wouldn’t expect me to say so after I answered that and wanted me to get back soon.

“Just do what you want!” Monica said rapidly, and the phone was hung up.

I just called her back, but the tone sounds busy and then no call. Monica definitely gets mad because of my saying. But, should her done so? What’s wrong if I went to my hometown?


  1. suka baca postingan bahasa inggris-nya billy. gimanaaaa gitu 😀 ceritanya juga… ehem 😀 *sometimes it’s so hard to separate fiction from reality ;)*

  2. umm.. girls always act like that. when they say “do what u want.” it actually means “do what i want.” when they say “it’s okay.” it means “it’s not okay”. it sounds like a game for guys..

    nice to know you and your post! 😀

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