The Journey, vol.11: The Occurence

“You’re not with her anymore? Since when? How come?” Abdul finishes his meal, then drank his juice.

I went to silence. I put away my unfinished meal. The joy flew away just right with the moment of that name has spoken even I’ve forgotten since long ago.

“You can say, our relationship can’t be through anymore because one and another things. And, we’re agreed to end it.” I answered diplomatically.

“But, you’ve always said that, you wanted her to be your last?”

“Yes, I had. But she might not be thinking the same thing. She might not wanted me to be her last.”

“But.. but.. when you’re in high school, you look so matches!”

I smiled. Trying to give my mask which is showing that I’m fine, even the memories made the old wound in my heart ripped again. Hurts. Painful. But for an old friend like Abdul, I’m surely can’t show him my pain.

“It’s just what happened at the high school, Dul. It’s different with what happened after it. Besides, the occurrence happened long time ago. Almost five years ago.” I answered.

Abdul’s face seems surprised. It seems that he’s hard believed on what he heard just now.

Then silence came. No one’s speaking. Abdul seems felt guilt because he’s asked because I could be on pain with the circumstances, but it’s his right though. Besides, I should be guessed what would happen when I met an old friend who had a long time no see.

“Relax, Dul. I don’t feel the thing who I felt five years ago. It’s all faded out, and even it’s losing.” I tried to make the situations went melted.

“I’m so sorry, Bil. I didn’t mean to make you remembered again your old wound.”

“No problem. Besides, I should’ve told you at first time.” I wide smiled. “And, you should be known. We’re best friend, eh?”

Abdul smiles. He puts his hands on my shoulder.

“Yeah. Best friend.” He said.

I finished my strawberry juice into its bottom. Then I look at Abdul.

“It’s a simple story, Dul. Unlike your story which is unbelievable and remarkable. My story just an ordinary story which is also happened on lots of people. A story of unsuccessful story of a long distance relationship.

“You knew that I moved to Jakarta just after the graduation, right? On the other hand, Salma didn’t make her parents sure enough to get the college in Jakarta, and finally she took college at Tasik. Few months early, even it’s tough the relationship still hold up. But, after six months and years later, it’s losing its meaning.

“It all started after almost I had a year at Jakarta, then I went back to Tasik. Salma transformed from the just-another-girl that we knew at the high school, into a different more-adult women. She went more pretty – I admit, but something was different. There’s something which unfit with me. And it might be, she felt the same thing with me. She felt I didn’t fit for her like what lasted from high school.”

Abdul listens my story well enough. He didn’t try to cut it.

“And then, she admitted that she opened her heart to another people. But the commitment that we made was still she held out, Dul, until she couldn’t make up with other people and promised to be with me, as long as I went right at Jakarta, and I didn’t make a move to other people.

“The promise is the thing that I did. I didn’t make a move to other people. But then, at the second year when I went back to Tasik, Salma transformed a lots. She’s just started to forgot me, and chosen someone else. I tried to understand the conditions, and tried to get my positions on hers. Still then, it hurts.

“Our relationship went tasteless, even it’s on commitment and promises. I was still trying to keep positive thinking and going on our conception. Making true the hopes.

“But then it’s all a waste. Because at the third year, she’s just left me – really-really left me. She decided not to continue the relationship. And, I was confused and can’t asked for more, and agreed to end up it at the last moment. And so, I didn’t contact her anymore. Tried to loose her, because the painful feelings after the relationship ended.”

Abdul’s hand went to my shoulder again.

“Relax, bro. World has so many girl to get. Get over it, you don’t need to continue your story about Salma.” Abdul said.

I silenced. I wanted to continue the story. Just because I wanted someone which is a part of my past has known the full story. But still, why should?

“Okay, Dul.”

“And now, you already had her replacement? She should be better, eh?”

I smiled.

“Yes, I have. Her name’s Monica. She works at Jakarta also.”

“How long you’ve been with her?” Abdul asked again.

“Well, almost four years until now.”

“Wow, you got to marry her soon. So you can get more blessing from God.” Abdul advices me, then he smiles.

“Right, Dul. I wanted the same thing also. Just help me with your praying, so my business went smooth.”

“Amin.” Abdul agreed on my prays. Hopefully, this pray would be true by Allah SWT.

My watch is showing 12.37. Few moments later, the lunch time would be ended. I should be prepared for the meeting.

“What’s up, Bil? It’s your time to get the meeting, eh?” Abdul asked.

“Not yet. But the time is ticking up. The office of Bandung Publishing Services is away from here, eh?”

Abdul smiles. He sees into the street. Crossing it. I followed his sights.

“The building is the one at right. Which the wall is covered with blue and yellow colors.” Abdul answered.

And, from distance I saw the company’s name on the wall. Bandung Publishing Services.

“Great! So I would be easier to reach it. Thanks, Dul!” I said.

“You’re welcome.”


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