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The Journey, vol.13: The Offer

I spent the rest of the day with the same-boring-meeting after the break. And, even though I already knew about what to discuss, but I went no more silence. I gave some inputs, and also suggestions to all of the meeting’s participants. Some of my inputs seems to be nailed. I don’t think it’s because

The Journey, vol.12: The Thought

The meeting went so boring. Nothing’s interesting besides strategic plans which I’ve already known since my departure to Bandung. Well, I had to make some inputs though, but somehow I just didn’t do. 2 hours. Then, coffee break. Yeah, great. At least I had some times to get rid this bored from my head since

The Journey, vol.11: The Occurence

“You’re not with her anymore? Since when? How come?” Abdul finishes his meal, then drank his juice. I went to silence. I put away my unfinished meal. The joy flew away just right with the moment of that name has spoken even I’ve forgotten since long ago. “You can say, our relationship can’t be through

The Journey, vol.9: The Strange Coincidence

9.45, St. Hall Gia is preparing all of her hiking equipment even the train wasn’t stopped on the station. Her friends which is on the next seat, was doing the same thing. They seems not wanted to lost each time at all. I just watched on silence. What for I’m in rush? I have estimated

The Journey, vol.8: The Conversation

The Argo Anggrek train have been gone for 30 minutes from Gambir. It’s been a while. I bet I’m not on Jakarta area anymore, and toward Bandung right now. It’s also have been for 30 minutes I spent talking with Gia which is sitting right next to me. Gia is one of many my college

The Journey, vol.7: The Departure

6:45. Gambir. I went directly to the platform after I paid the cab. Platform 3. There will be a train which will take me to Bandung that morning. I’m not use to take the train this early from Gambir, but I hope it’ll be quite empty. Well, so I’ll be easy to get on it.

The Journey, vol.6: The Incident

That morning I wake up late. Well, 30 minutes later still be called as late, right? So, I always wake up at 5 o’clock, but that day I wake up 5:30. And, after wake up, I immediately go to the bathroom. About 15 minutes, I finished bathing and brush my teeth. I recheck all my

The Journey, vol.5: The Harbor

Sea welcomes me with the wind on my face. And then, on return I was pushed back to the sea. Full moon. It must be a good night to sail. But the harbor is empty. The fishermans could be sailed, or they don’t sail at all. She’s there. At the first place I brought her

The Journey, vol.4: The Questions

“How many days would you be in Bandung, Bil? Two days, eh? Why do you un hurry?” Chris asked while taking a spoon of his food, which is a shuffled noodle a la Betawi – Jakarta, on our favorite restaurant. “Well, that’s what Paulo said to me this morning. I was surprised, because it’s so