Should I? Would I? Could I?

text message, courtesy of
text message, courtesy of

So many questions came up when I received a text message from a friend, couple of days ago. A friend that I have never met for more than 3 years. A friend, which became a gorgeous person nowadays – as other people said to me.

She said on the text message,
“Why did you never come back again to your home town? We missed you here.”

The question itself actually never wondered by my self. WHY? Because I never counted how many years, or how long since the last time I stepped my foot on my home town. And now, I knew.

Should I reply the text message? Would I reply the text message? Could I reply the text message?

3 questions. Simple, but it’s deep.

Should I reply the text message? The fact was that girl, already left me. She left me years ago, and the reason is because the third person. And since that, she never contacted me again. Until few days ago. So, should I reply?

Would I reply the text message?
I wonder what would happen if only I replied the text message. Would she reply again? Would ever she contact me again? Would ever anything change?

The fact is, I had a promise to myself. I would never contact anyone that hurt me again, if they never contacted me first. But now, she contacted me first. And, would I reply it?

Could I reply the text message?
Replying the text message is as easy to read it. But, I don’t have any courage to do it. WHY? Because the feelings in my heart, already turned into hatred. Turned into a vengeance.

Those three questions were repeating in my mind. Again, again, and again. If ever life never this hard, maybe I could be happier. If ever life is easier and more simple, maybe I’d never be like this. But, I have no regret on how myself turned nowadays, I just regret why does they left me.

So, should I?
Would I?
Could I?


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