Music: Between Originality and Marketability

It’s the second month at 2010, and two music events had been held just in a week period. First, it’s 2010 New Day which has been held in SCBD Jakarta, Indonesia by Langit Musik, Telkomsel, and the second is 52nd Annual Grammy Award which has been held in Los Angeles, USA. Both of them presented lots of music, and surely it’s entertaining.

The first event which is held at Jakarta, was also held as a soft launch of Langit Musik, the service from Telkomsel – largest Indonesian’s GSM operators, for its customers to download songs from the sites or WAP. The 2010 New Day brought the spirit of a new day to Indonesian’s music. And, it’s represented on the artists which performed.

Mike’s Apartment, The Trees and The Wild, Efek Rumah Kaca, Endah N Rhesa, AGRIKULTURE, and RAN were a little from so many artists whose performed at the event. And, those artists surely I suppose represents the “New Day” as Langit Musik’s theme. They are the artists with good growth and fan movement. They also had their own originality and also their idealism.

Since music is music, and it’s all it can gets out or in, the artists whose performed on 2010 New Day are the great amongst others in Indonesia’s musicsphere. Why? Because they dare enough to show their thoughts, their voices, and of course their musics. They had what they could give to a better music on Indonesia.

Standing Original

Being a musician in Indonesia is another kind of a fairytale. Many people ever wanted to be a musician. Shares their senses on melody and lyrics to others with a hope it would give them earnings to life. But then, reality doesn’t that sweet.

So many musicians with good music qualification rejected by many labels just because their idealism. Yes, music for some people is another kind of speech. If the lyrics aren’t good enough, so the melody would represent the rebellion for the stream which is going on. And, they just did another shot to be a musician.

Having original ideas on music would be a bitter end for some musicians. Creating a song whose telling the truth of the things are going, would be left behind by the market whose love to hear how the going should be things. Weird, huh?

But still, standing original is another kind of challenge to conquer. Life is made by challenges, right? And, trying to stand is hard, but standing between the wave and wind is harder than it could get. Those challenges would make some musicians had their own qualification on music, and they would be better than ever.

Other things happened on a nearly 12 hours different GMT zone. Yes, it’s the Grammys on USA. There so many awards been given to people with good and great ideas, original music, and for their creativity.


Good music means good market share. Great music means great acceptance. This premise came out because so many music isn’t great enough to be heard, but just because almost everyone loves it, those music just had a good market share.

Major stream of music tells us almost all about marketability music. On the early 2000’s there are pop music by Sheila On 7 & Padi, then it changed into music which is described by Radja and those pop Melayu things. – Oops! – It’s so obvious that doesn’t need great quality just to be loved.

So, which one would you prefer if you’re a musician? I, myself would prefer being a great quality musician because people nowadays are smarter and knew which music is better.

PS: It’s just another perspective on music.

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