Java Jazz? Let’s GO!

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dance - image courtesy of

Do you hear jazz? Because I do. Yep, this kind of music was one of my favorite to be listened, beside anything-but-indie. 😉 I’m listening jazz, because it had some history. But then, I’m not going to tell the story itself, but another thing.

Just for you information – if you didn’t know it already, that jazz is going to town! Yep, jazz is going to Jakarta! They’re going to Jakarta, through the annually event, Java Jazz which sponsored by AXIS, the good GSM. Many artists which is local and also international are going to be the performer in the show, which will be held for 3 days, on 6, 7, and 8 of March 2009. So, are you ready to jazz?

As I said, jazz is one kind of my favorite music. So, if I’m going to attend Java Jazz, I’m going to prepare things. Do you want to know? Well, here it is..
1.    First thing that I’m going to prepare is, a drinking bottle. Maybe a 600 ml volume bottle will be suitable. Why drinking bottle? Because, if we attend the event, I’m sure that we’re going to need lots of drinks.
2.    Second thing is, a pocket camera, or a cell phone camera, with a fully loaded battery. It’s prepared to make many pictures which will be uploaded of course to the internet, and also blogs. I wanted to make people know that, I HAVE ATTEND THE EVENT! 😛
3.    Third thing, maybe a hand towel. It’s important to make sure that if we sweat on the event, our sweat won’t disturb another person. 😀
4.    Next, a clean shirt for change. I realize, the sweat maybe can be lost by using the towel, but then, maybe our shirt is wet enough. So, another clean shirt for change, is a MUST!
5.    Last but not least, a backpack. Not too big, but also not too small. The backpack itself will be the place for the four things which I already mentioned. Why backpack? Because, usually backpack never get me troubled – it sticks to my back every time. 😉

Well, those things are what I needed to be prepared. But, the most important is, prepare my body – physically, to get shaken. 😀 Why? Because, one of jazzy band was acid band or progressive band. Some of their songs, can get our body shaken, nor dance. 😉

So, are you ready? LET’S GO!


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