I’m Still Here

I received so many text messages, emails, and also IM messages, asking and wondering, “Where have I been for these days..” and, the answers were always the same, “I’m still here. Still live. Still trying to be a better man – if I can’t be the best..”

But even though I’m still here, actually I wanted to go somewhere else. A place which I never been there before, or maybe on a middle of nowhere. Where I can be lost in translation. Where I can be just the way I am, because noone knows me, of whatΒ  I am, but just the way they see me. –> Kinda’ confusing, huh? πŸ˜›

I always wonder, when could I travel -at least- across my country, Indonesia. Because the fact is, Indonesia is a big country, with thousands islands. Indonesia is the greatest archipelago that I ever knew – which I learned from books and histories. Indonesia, is a country with full-diversities, such as culture, customs, and of course – language.

Indonesia is a rich country. That sentence was said by the founding fathers of Indonesia, and I – as Indonesian truly proud of it.

Dreams are things that I always owned. And with dreams, I live until now, and then.That dreams always live on my mind, until someday, I can achieve it. But then, I’m still here…

And now, who’s going to share the same dreams with me? Just let me know.. πŸ˜‰


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