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Single No More

Sepertinya, saya harus segera memperbarui halaman ini. Tak lain, karena saya sudah berganti “status” dari yang semula single – but not available, menjadi bener-bener unavailable. Iya, saya sudah menikah. Tepatnya, 26 Maret 2011 lalu. Akhirnya, setelah berteman sejak tahun 2005, dan berhubungan dekat sejak 2007 lalu, akhirnya saya bisa menikahi kekasih yang sekarang menjadi istri

The Journey, vol.12: The Thought

The meeting went so boring. Nothing’s interesting besides strategic plans which I’ve already known since my departure to Bandung. Well, I had to make some inputs though, but somehow I just didn’t do. 2 hours. Then, coffee break. Yeah, great. At least I had some times to get rid this bored from my head since

Should I? Would I? Could I?

So many questions came up when I received a text message from a friend, couple of days ago. A friend that I have never met for more than 3 years. A friend, which became a gorgeous person nowadays – as other people said to me. She said on the text message, “Why did you never