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Designer wannabe

Internet nowadays had become such unseparatable from our lives. By using internet oftenly, we can get so many informations which is precious nor unpredictable. Some of people, also had many experiences including improving their abilities. And therefore, I am on the same position.

Well, I got admit, I’m just a general internet user. I browse, surf, nor googling and also uses so many social medias to interact with people. I had twitter account, facebook account, plurk account, koprol account, and also blogs to share my thoughts to the world. Those accounts shared by using my two main language, which is Indonesian and English.

Later on, from just a general internet user, I tried to become more pro-active so it would be a lot that I can share to the world. So that’s why earlier in this post, I said I’m on the same position improving my abilities. It’s amazing, how internet could add values to people’s abilities such as I am.

What Abilities Am I Improving?

I am improving my abilities on designing. Well, honestly I had no artistic background, even I graduated from Mechanical Engineering Design studies on my Diploma. But then, hey.. today’s reality give almost nothing is impossible! People can, and people surely can do something if they believe, and just do it! — with practicing of course.

The design abilities which I’m improving, is targeted for web only. Why I chose it? Because I see lots of chances on the web and internet industries and the people who’s work on it is still lacks. Well, it’s my assumption in my country of course, since we don’t have any special region or city whose industry is working on web or internet subjects. And, on the contrary, the needs on it is raising.

So, I’ll do my best on improving my design abilities, and wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Designer wannabe”

  1. Billy Koesoemadinata says:

    good luck! *commenting on myself* :mrgreen:

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