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Blog Contest (Freak!) Blogging Contest Blogging Contest

Since I’ve won the blogging contest which is held by AXIS for the Java Jazz few weeks ago, I was more realizing that blogging could – actually – give us many things. Those things may vary, but the possibilities are big enough – starting from money, gifts, souvenirs, tickets, and so.

Now, if I went to the search engine such as Google and Yahoo! I – sometimes – search for another blogging contest in the internet. Why? Because, I have a curiosity about the gift that would be given if I won the contest.

The result page was so vary. From a contest which is held for international bloggers, until a locally contest. From an English-language contest, to an Indonesian-language contest. The gifts are also varies, from dollars money, until an iPod! Sounds interesting, huh? 😀

Now, actually I’m targeting on a blogging contest which is held locally for Indonesian people. But, I’ll just tell only one on this occasion. It is “1st Anniversary Blogging Contest of”. As it title, this blogging contest is held on celebrating the 1st anniversary of the organizer – which is

The blogging contest itself, had many gifts to be won by the blogger. For example, a lite hosting for a year, a registration – for free, paypal money, and so. To get a full and complete gifts list, please click here.

The conditions are as simply as blogging. Why I said that? Because, last time I saw this blogging contest wasn’t a contest which is based on SEO – Search Engine Optimization. So, the result on search engine isn’t the priority for this competition.

Now, what are you waiting for? Just click here, to get the full information! Or you can try to click this following links, such as Kontes Blog 1 Tahun, Hakimtea ,web hosting murah, dunia soer.

8 thoughts on “Blog Contest (Freak!)”

  1. ian says:

    hmm, in english? trying in different way 😛

    phew, jujur I’m gak terlalu can englih better–now aja udah belepotan 😛
    trus gimana nasib old blog?

  2. Billy Koesoemadinata says:

    ian,, the former blogs is still there.. and still posts also 😉

  3. achoey says:

    Blogmu pantas ikut kontes ini kawan
    Blogmu bagus


  4. ceuceu says:

    If I had already be a good blogger (just like you), I’ll take a part on that competition.. seem..I have to learn much from you… 🙂

  5. Matias says:

    Salam Blogger..

  6. Billy Koesoemadinata says:

    achoey,, thanks for you courageous comments! 😉

    ceuceu,, i’m not a good blogger.. i’m just a lucky blogger 😛
    let’s learn together 😉

    matias,, salam.. 😉

  7. planetsweb says:

    niche info. I like to read blog its blog. like bule…. he-he…
    lam kenal

  8. yusuf says:

    Mantab blog’s berstandart internasional ini mach dRi Bahasa yg di pergunakan … sLaM kNal salam blogger.. saran knapa gak bikin tips blog.

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