And so, it begins…

Today, 23 years ago a child was birth to this world. A child of Julius & Etty. A child whom is second son, and also second child for them. On a small town in the south of West Java – Tasikmalaya.

The child was later named Billy. The name means dependable protector. His parents hoped that, this child would protect the family, whose include his relatives, brothers and sisters.

The child then grew up to an interesting boy. He is clever boy – no doubt on that, and also become an active person. The history started on his kindergarten studies, which he joined the dancing team, and won the Jakarta city trophy. And, when he was on the first and second grade on elementary school, he gained the first winning prize for the best rank on school.

At the third grade, his parents moved from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya – the town where he was borned. He mixed with the small town culture, which delivered him to his mother language – Sunda. And so, for the next 10 years, he grew up in Tasikmalaya.

So many things happened on the 10 years period. Such as, he gained the second prize for best graduates on his junior high school. Then, he gained the experience as a radio announcer on a local broadcasting radio, for about 2 years on high school. An unusual experience for a boy in a small city at that moment.

On 2004, he graduated from his high school, and moved back to Jakarta. He went to the college on State Polytechnic of Jakarta, and studied Mechanical Engineering. On 2007, he graduated on top ten best graduates of the department.

Even though he graduated from engineering field, his hobby is writing and travelling. That delivers him to the writing activities on books, essays, articles, and so. Now, he worked as a journalist on a bi-weekly tabloid, which also published books. He was also published a novel on 2006, and now still doing projects for the next novel.

Blogging was also his daily activities for writing. Actually, he managed some blogs on a free blogging services from 2004. But then, he realizes that some services can’t be used if still using the free services. That brought him to a conclusion, he need his own brand. His own URL address. His own blogs. And, of course, his own freedom.

And so, it begins on this blogs. Billy Koesoemadinata. A writings collection of a life explorer.

See you on the next writings for the comments!

*A prologue which written by Billy Koesoemadinata himself for the blogs.


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