The Journey, vol.12: The Thought

The meeting went so boring. Nothing’s interesting besides strategic plans which I’ve already known since my departure to Bandung. Well, I had to make some inputs though, but somehow I just didn’t do.

2 hours. Then, coffee break. Yeah, great. At least I had some times to get rid this bored from my head since the meeting started.

I went to the front office room. Seeing to the road. Enjoying the traffic of Bandung’s public transportation and lots of vehicles which is used by Bandung’s residences. And somehow, I remembered my hometown.

It’s not the traffic that I remembered, but the peaceful and also the rarity of traffic jam. Enjoying morning and afternoon walk by foot. Being lonesome, but every step has a story.

Could it be, after this Bandung task I went to my hometown? Just to get rid of deadlines, and also take some break in the middle of business? Would it happen?

It’s been a while since my last time visit to Tasikmalaya. And, I think nothing’s wrong if I asked for a sudden vacation like this to Paulo. But in reality, Paulo isn’t the one I worried about.

I pressed a speed dial on my cellphone. Then, the tone heard.

“Yes Dear, what’s up?” asked Monica directly on the phone. “Miss me, huh? I miss you too.”

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