Month: May 2009

The Journey, vol.6: The Incident

That morning I wake up late. Well, 30 minutes later still be called as late, right? So, I always wake up at 5 o’clock, but that day I wake up 5:30. And, after wake up, I immediately go to the bathroom. About 15 minutes, I finished bathing and brush my teeth. I recheck all my

The Journey, vol.5: The Harbor

Sea welcomes me with the wind on my face. And then, on return I was pushed back to the sea. Full moon. It must be a good night to sail. But the harbor is empty. The fishermans could be sailed, or they don’t sail at all. She’s there. At the first place I brought her

The Journey, vol.4: The Questions

“How many days would you be in Bandung, Bil? Two days, eh? Why do you un hurry?” Chris asked while taking a spoon of his food, which is a shuffled noodle a la Betawi – Jakarta, on our favorite restaurant. “Well, that’s what Paulo said to me this morning. I was surprised, because it’s so