The Journey, vol.6: The Incident

That morning I wake up late. Well, 30 minutes later still be called as late, right? So, I always wake up at 5 o’clock, but that day I wake up 5:30. And, after wake up, I immediately go to the bathroom.

About 15 minutes, I finished bathing and brush my teeth. I recheck all my belongings. Started with checking my luggage, backpack bag containing a laptop, and the train ticket. Argo Anggrek. 7 o’clock. Gambir. Okay, I think everything is ready.

I went out of my apartement, and lock it. Then while walking on the hall and took the luggage and backpack in the back, I press the Monica’s number on my cellphone.

Once. Twice. Tone sounds three times before finally I heard the voice Monica.

“Hello, Love. Are you leaving?” Monica responds.

“Yes, I am. I just went out from the apartment, and now going to the lobby.” I answered.

“Okay, then. Be careful on the road. You get the taxi to Gambir, ‘eh? And your bike would be kept on garage of the building, right? ”

“Yes. Just calm. I’ll let you know later when I’ll go from Gambir. ”

“Take care, babe.”

“Okay, honey. Love you.” I said.

“Love you too.” Monica answered. And then I hang up the phone connection.
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The Journey, vol.5: The Harbor

Sea welcomes me with the wind on my face. And then, on return I was pushed back to the sea. Full moon. It must be a good night to sail. But the harbor is empty. The fishermans could be sailed, or they don’t sail at all.

She’s there. At the first place I brought her here. Sit back on a chair. Her hair waved by the wind, facing the sea. Showing her back on me. Keep me on silence. Not noticing me even though I made my steps with voices.

“Ehem..” I make a sound once. No respond. But I’m still walking toward her, and hoping she’ll look back at me. But she didn’t. Even though I’m standing on her back, and facing the same sea with her.

“You should told me if you’re going out of town.” She said without turning back her body, or even looked at me.

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The Journey, vol.4: The Questions

“How many days would you be in Bandung, Bil? Two days, eh? Why do you un hurry?” Chris asked while taking a spoon of his food, which is a shuffled noodle a la Betawi – Jakarta, on our favorite restaurant.

“Well, that’s what Paulo said to me this morning. I was surprised, because it’s so sudden. This morning I had the news, and tomorrow morning I’ll be on my way. I had some feeling telling me, that it should be him who’s going to Bandung. But then, he couldn’t make it because some reason which I don’t know, and noone else can do either. So, I’m the one who’s going to bandung.” I answered while having my lunch.

“It would so great. In fact, you could be our boss when you’re back from Bandung later.” Chris added while passing his eyes to another work mates, such as Lia, Ricky, and also Evy.

“Yeah, but if you’re really our boss later, just don’t be such an a**hole, or I – myself will kick your ass.” Lia said.
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