Month: March 2009

I’m Still Here

I received so many text messages, emails, and also IM messages, asking and wondering, “Where have I been for these days..” and, the answers were always the same, “I’m still here. Still live. Still trying to be a better man – if I can’t be the best..” But even though I’m still here, actually I

Blog Contest (Freak!)

Since I’ve won the blogging contest which is held by AXIS for the Java Jazz few weeks ago, I was more realizing that blogging could – actually – give us many things. Those things may vary, but the possibilities are big enough – starting from money, gifts, souvenirs, tickets, and so. Now, if I went

Trust A Few, Fear The Rest

That’s the tagline from a famous movie, which was released years ago. If you’re really a movie freaks, then you might know that. But if you didn’t know, so I’ll tell you. It comes from X-Men, the first sequel from the trilogy. And last night, I saw it (again) on TV. I remembered when that

Understanding Perfections

“What do you seek from a woman?” one of my buddy asked me on the other day, while we’re having a lunch. A quite simple and short question, but could make a long and full perspective answers. “I seek for her integrity. Her passion for life. And of course, her personality.” I answered. “Don’t you

Should I? Would I? Could I?

So many questions came up when I received a text message from a friend, couple of days ago. A friend that I have never met for more than 3 years. A friend, which became a gorgeous person nowadays – as other people said to me. She said on the text message, “Why did you never

Java Jazz, Here I Come!

Yesterday, when I’m still in my office, waiting for the rain stop and also avoiding the traffic jam to my home, I was announced as one of many winners of a contest in the internet. The contest is for bloggers which make a post (s) in their blogs about Java Jazz. The topic itself was

Java Jazz? Let’s GO!

Do you hear jazz? Because I do. Yep, this kind of music was one of my favorite to be listened, beside anything-but-indie. 😉 I’m listening jazz, because it had some history. But then, I’m not going to tell the story itself, but another thing. Just for you information – if you didn’t know it already,

And so, it begins…

Today, 23 years ago a child was birth to this world. A child of Julius & Etty. A child whom is second son, and also second child for them. On a small town in the south of West Java – Tasikmalaya. The child was later named Billy. The name means dependable protector. His parents hoped