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X-Men, image courtesy of wikipedia

X-Men, image courtesy of wikipedia

That’s the tagline from a famous movie, which was released years ago. If you’re really a movie freaks, then you might know that. But if you didn’t know, so I’ll tell you. It comes from X-Men, the first sequel from the trilogy. And last night, I saw it (again) on TV.

I remembered when that movie was released, it was reviewed in a teen magazine, on a special edition. One of my friends bought it, and I borrowed that and make a copy of it. I did it because I couldn’t afford to buy it that time. So, I just make a copy of it.

Just for your information, I’m one of many people in this world who loves comic characters. And, X-Men were one of them. I liked almost all of figures on X-Men. But, the figures that most get my attention, are Wolverine and Ice Man. Because they have their own ‘style’ and attitude.

The movie which I saw last night – X-Men, some critics said was the story of Wolverine. Well, they said like that, because the Wolverine character was so strong, and narrated from the beginning until the end. But still, I loved the appearance from Halle Berry as Storm.

Back to the movie itself, I think X-Men is a great movie to watch. It was creating a comic world into a real world, without letting go the essence from the movie itself – the battle of the good side and the bad side.

Overall, I guessed this movie made a good open road for the sequels – X-Men 2, and X-Men 3. And also, this movie was also a good start to wait for more X-Men movie franchises. The latest one, was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which will be released this year. And don’t get tricked by those who says, “The movie won’t come this year.”

So, overall the movie is a good thing to watch. Even though it was released years ago, but the story itself still makes a good understanding, especially about differencies. 😉

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  1. wadoch sekaran9 usin9 en9lish ya bill?

    paman 9oo9lin9 neeh wat nemenin translit heheh

  2. wi3nd,, yep.. i’m using english for this blogs.. 😉

  3. artikelnya bahasa pake internasional, aq ra mudeng… btw… makasih ya mas bill dah maen ke rumah….

  4. UGh,,,I’m late for watchin’ that movie…

  5. Filmnya memang bagus. Cuma sayang nasibnya sama seperti film-film yang laku keras, sequelnya pasti rada ngaco.

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