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I spent the rest of the day with the same-boring-meeting after the break. And, even though I already knew about what to discuss, but I went no more silence. I gave some inputs, and also suggestions to all of the meeting’s participants. Some of my inputs seems to be nailed. I don’t think it’s because… Read Article →

“Here’s your train ticket, and this is your hotel’s information where you will spend a night, Bil.” Carla gave me an envelop which contained with train ticket, and a paper which is written the name and the address of my hotel for tomorrow. “Do I get some cash?” I asked. “Yes, you do. But, please… Read Article →

That morning sounds as usual. Nothing’s special, except the Jakarta’s traffic jam, which I’ll meet after I went out from the alley of my place. Well, this is the character of Jakarta. A megapolis city which trapped on a traffic jam which is a routine for every citizens. Urban. That’s what every people said about… Read Article →

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