The Journey, vol.4: The Questions

“How many days would you be in Bandung, Bil? Two days, eh? Why do you un hurry?” Chris asked while taking a spoon of his food, which is a shuffled noodle a la Betawi – Jakarta, on our favorite restaurant.

“Well, that’s what Paulo said to me this morning. I was surprised, because it’s so sudden. This morning I had the news, and tomorrow morning I’ll be on my way. I had some feeling telling me, that it should be him who’s going to Bandung. But then, he couldn’t make it because some reason which I don’t know, and noone else can do either. So, I’m the one who’s going to bandung.” I answered while having my lunch.

“It would so great. In fact, you could be our boss when you’re back from Bandung later.” Chris added while passing his eyes to another work mates, such as Lia, Ricky, and also Evy.

“Yeah, but if you’re really our boss later, just don’t be such an a**hole, or I – myself will kick your ass.” Lia said.
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The Journey, vol.3: The Preparation

“Here’s your train ticket, and this is your hotel’s information where you will spend a night, Bil.” Carla gave me an envelop which contained with train ticket, and a paper which is written the name and the address of my hotel for tomorrow.

“Do I get some cash?” I asked.

“Yes, you do. But, please wait, okay? The money is still on the way here. I was waited for the approval for the cash, and it spent almost all day. Paulo was so sudden, so I didn’t prepare a thing. It shouldn’t work, but hey, it’s me.. Carla. And I did it.” Carla smiles while winked her eye.

“Haha.. I can’t wonder what would this floor without you.”

“Hahahahaha..” Carla laughed.

“Well, I’m going to my desk. I had something that I need to search first, for tomorrow. Just tell me if you had any news for it. And, just yell out if I didn’t hear you.” I stand up, and walked by to my desk.

“Okay.” Carla said.
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The Journey, vol.2: The Assignment

That morning sounds as usual. Nothing’s special, except the Jakarta’s traffic jam, which I’ll meet after I went out from the alley of my place. Well, this is the character of Jakarta. A megapolis city which trapped on a traffic jam which is a routine for every citizens.

Urban. That’s what every people said about “my” town. Long away from proud, I was remembered into a movie, on series, and came up with so many versions. Until, I wondered, whether one of the stories on the movies, were actually true.

My watch still showed 7 a.m. when I routed into the street into my office. The roads were still, and not much cars and motorcycles on it. I chose “mouse path” which isn’t full enough, but very effective to avoid the traffic jam, and get me closer to the office. Even though, after the “mouse path” I –still- should use the major street, but I didn’t have any anger on traffic jam.
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The Journey, vol.1

walking on the sand, courtesy of
walking on the sand, courtesy of

“When you’re at the boiling point of your life, going back to where you’re belonged is the right choice. To the place feels home.”

Home. I’ve already forgotten what the real mean from that word which contained four letters. At least, that what I felt these years. Because actually, back on the old times, I knew where was my home. But now?

People said, home is a place to be protected. From heat, cold, and to gather around with family, and those who we loved. Hmm.. well that sounds true actually. But, just for the part which saying, protecting from heat, and cold. Gather around with family? Hmm.. I’ve already done it. But, whose? Read More

I’m Still Here

I received so many text messages, emails, and also IM messages, asking and wondering, “Where have I been for these days..” and, the answers were always the same, “I’m still here. Still live. Still trying to be a better man – if I can’t be the best..”

But even though I’m still here, actually I wanted to go somewhere else. A place which I never been there before, or maybe on a middle of nowhere. Where I can be lost in translation. Where I can be just the way I am, because noone knows me, of what  I am, but just the way they see me. –> Kinda’ confusing, huh? 😛 Read More

Trust A Few, Fear The Rest

X-Men, image courtesy of wikipedia
X-Men, image courtesy of wikipedia

That’s the tagline from a famous movie, which was released years ago. If you’re really a movie freaks, then you might know that. But if you didn’t know, so I’ll tell you. It comes from X-Men, the first sequel from the trilogy. And last night, I saw it (again) on TV.

I remembered when that movie was released, it was reviewed in a teen magazine, on a special edition. One of my friends bought it, and I borrowed that and make a copy of it. I did it because I couldn’t afford to buy it that time. So, I just make a copy of it.

Just for your information, I’m one of many people in this world who loves comic characters. And, X-Men were one of them. I liked almost all of figures on X-Men. But, the figures that most get my attention, are Wolverine and Ice Man. Because they have their own ‘style’ and attitude.
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Understanding Perfections

women, courtesy of
women, courtesy of

“What do you seek from a woman?” one of my buddy asked me on the other day, while we’re having a lunch. A quite simple and short question, but could make a long and full perspective answers.
“I seek for her integrity. Her passion for life. And of course, her personality.” I answered.
“Don’t you seek for any perfection? Especially on her body, and physically?” he asked again. And, I didn’t take long time to answer that.
“I do seek. But that’s not the priority.”
“WHY?” he asked – again.
I took a deep breathe, and prepared the words and sentences correctly to answer – again the question.
“Because, I realized that nobody’s perfect. Only GOD that is perfect. Because, sometimes body – physically tricks you. Sometimes, what’s good physically, would be bad on other things. Especially her heart.”
He went silence. And I continued my lunch.
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Should I? Would I? Could I?

text message, courtesy of
text message, courtesy of

So many questions came up when I received a text message from a friend, couple of days ago. A friend that I have never met for more than 3 years. A friend, which became a gorgeous person nowadays – as other people said to me.

She said on the text message,
“Why did you never come back again to your home town? We missed you here.”

The question itself actually never wondered by my self. WHY? Because I never counted how many years, or how long since the last time I stepped my foot on my home town. And now, I knew. Read More

And so, it begins…

Today, 23 years ago a child was birth to this world. A child of Julius & Etty. A child whom is second son, and also second child for them. On a small town in the south of West Java – Tasikmalaya.

The child was later named Billy. The name means dependable protector. His parents hoped that, this child would protect the family, whose include his relatives, brothers and sisters.
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