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It’s been a long time since I first joined Koprol. But, I just became more active on it nowadays. Since, I attended to Yahoo Open Hack Day at Jakarta, few months ago. It was on November 2009, I suppose. And hey, this is my first time making a special post about Koprol on my blogs… Read Article →

Hei readers, I’m turning down the following stories in The Journey’s volumes. The reason is, I haven’t got any more powers to write down the stories, since the real thing has happened months ago. And yet, I’m in the mood for sharing another things than stories in The Journey’s volumes. But then, this ‘incident’ would… Read Article →

I spent the rest of the day with the same-boring-meeting after the break. And, even though I already knew about what to discuss, but I went no more silence. I gave some inputs, and also suggestions to all of the meeting’s participants. Some of my inputs seems to be nailed. I don’t think it’s because… Read Article →

The meeting went so boring. Nothing’s interesting besides strategic plans which I’ve already known since my departure to Bandung. Well, I had to make some inputs though, but somehow I just didn’t do. 2 hours. Then, coffee break. Yeah, great. At least I had some times to get rid this bored from my head since… Read Article →

“You’re not with her anymore? Since when? How come?” Abdul finishes his meal, then drank his juice. I went to silence. I put away my unfinished meal. The joy flew away just right with the moment of that name has spoken even I’ve forgotten since long ago. “You can say, our relationship can’t be through… Read Article →

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