The Journey, vol.14: The End?

Hei readers, I’m turning down the following stories in The Journey’s volumes. The reason is, I haven’t got any more powers to write down the stories, since the real thing has happened months ago. And yet, I’m in the mood for sharing another things than stories in The Journey’s volumes.

But then, this ‘incident’ would be a temporary. And, in the future there’s a possibilities that I would make any stories in The Journey’s volume, but in a different type, a different point of view, and a different stories – of course.

All of this stuff is another way from myself to make my site would be better and would more represents my ideas, my life, and myself – certainly. And, I do need your support to make all of this happens.

Anyway, this is also on the spirit of my renewal, on a new year of 2010, welcoming the new decades on 3rd millenium ages. And therefore, changes are needed to make things still going and running.

So, don’t go away to far. Because, I’m gonna make this site more livable. 😉

The Journey, vol.13: The Offer

I spent the rest of the day with the same-boring-meeting after the break. And, even though I already knew about what to discuss, but I went no more silence. I gave some inputs, and also suggestions to all of the meeting’s participants.

Some of my inputs seems to be nailed. I don’t think it’s because I was the representatives from Jakarta, but more because each of my inputs wasn’t thought before by them. And yeah, I hope those inputs would be more useful someday and the practiced so this Bandung office would be greater than before. Especially for the creative visualization strategies which will be developed here.

My no-more-silence attitude and the sparking inputs didn’t show up by it self. I just need to get more focus, positive, and professional after I couldn’t contact Monica yet. Okay, she’d be angry. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t work. And, going to home town seem to be a good choice.

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The Journey, vol.12: The Thought

The meeting went so boring. Nothing’s interesting besides strategic plans which I’ve already known since my departure to Bandung. Well, I had to make some inputs though, but somehow I just didn’t do.

2 hours. Then, coffee break. Yeah, great. At least I had some times to get rid this bored from my head since the meeting started.

I went to the front office room. Seeing to the road. Enjoying the traffic of Bandung’s public transportation and lots of vehicles which is used by Bandung’s residences. And somehow, I remembered my hometown.

It’s not the traffic that I remembered, but the peaceful and also the rarity of traffic jam. Enjoying morning and afternoon walk by foot. Being lonesome, but every step has a story.

Could it be, after this Bandung task I went to my hometown? Just to get rid of deadlines, and also take some break in the middle of business? Would it happen?

It’s been a while since my last time visit to Tasikmalaya. And, I think nothing’s wrong if I asked for a sudden vacation like this to Paulo. But in reality, Paulo isn’t the one I worried about.

I pressed a speed dial on my cellphone. Then, the tone heard.

“Yes Dear, what’s up?” asked Monica directly on the phone. “Miss me, huh? I miss you too.”

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The Journey, vol.11: The Occurence

“You’re not with her anymore? Since when? How come?” Abdul finishes his meal, then drank his juice.

I went to silence. I put away my unfinished meal. The joy flew away just right with the moment of that name has spoken even I’ve forgotten since long ago.

“You can say, our relationship can’t be through anymore because one and another things. And, we’re agreed to end it.” I answered diplomatically.

“But, you’ve always said that, you wanted her to be your last?”

“Yes, I had. But she might not be thinking the same thing. She might not wanted me to be her last.”

“But.. but.. when you’re in high school, you look so matches!”

I smiled. Trying to give my mask which is showing that I’m fine, even the memories made the old wound in my heart ripped again. Hurts. Painful. But for an old friend like Abdul, I’m surely can’t show him my pain.

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The Journey, vol.10: The Meatballs, The Noodle, and The Strawberry Juice

Abdul seems to know exactly the Bandung’s city map, so in less than 30 minutes his car arrived to the Upper Dago from the train station. He stopped his car on a park ground of small restaurant which is written “Badali, Original Sundanese Meatballs”. Well, it’s been a long time a go since my last time eaten Sundanese meatballs.

“Let’s get a table for us.” Abdul asked me while he went out the car first. I followed him then, carrying my backpack since there is my precious laptop. And the suitcase I left it on the car trunk.

Abdul already has been served by the front office, and he seems to discuss the table. And, the service officer nodding her head, while his hand showed to a table which is a little bit inside. Abdul returned his body, looked at me, and waved his hand and calling me.

I accelerate my walk from the car. Getting into the direction where Abdul went to, a table which was showed by the resto’s crew.

“Here’s the menu, Sir. If you’re ready to make an order, please call me, Rani.” Said the waitress while giving 2 sets of menu. Abdul was sat down when I arrived on the table.

Not long enough, the waitress went away, and I sat on the chair across Abdul.

“What do you want to eat, Bil?” Abdul asked while reading the menu.

“I think a portion of meatballs and noodle is great, Dul. Or you had another suggestions?” I answered while reading the menu also.

“Mmm.. it’s good though. In this place, all the meatballs were great. So that’s why I got you here. And what do you want for the drink?”

“I’d prefer strawberry juice of course. All of Bandung’s strawberries were good, right?” I put the menu to the table. Abdul looked at me for a while.

“I think you’re right. It’s been a while since my last time I drank strawberry juice.”

Abdul waved his hand and a waitress came by again. Rani. The waitress which gave us the menu.

“Ready to make an order, Sir?” Rani asked. She’s carrying out her mini notes and a pencil.

“Yes, please. I’d like to order two original strawberry juices, one dry noodles and a full tendon meatballs, and one special meatballs and noodles.” Abdul answered.

“Is there any, Sir?”

“I think that’s all for now.”

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The Journey, vol.9: The Strange Coincidence

9.45, St. Hall
Gia is preparing all of her hiking equipment even the train wasn’t stopped on the station. Her friends which is on the next seat, was doing the same thing. They seems not wanted to lost each time at all.

I just watched on silence. What for I’m in rush? I have estimated that I’ll take care everything about this Bandung chances after lunch. Because anyway, the appointment itself was on 1 p.m. on the office of I’m visiting for.

Not long enough, the train was stopped on the station. Gia and her friends, prepare to get off the train. They just stand in front of their own chair, and waited to get into the front hall, and get out.

“Nice chat, Bil. Hope, I’ll see you soon. Maybe on my next hike?” Gia said that just before she went out the train, while I’m just sitting on my seat.

“Well, probably. Anyway, thanks for the great conversation for almost three hours. I bet this is the longest conversation that ever made, because it’s ranged from Jakarta to Bandung!”

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The Journey, vol.8: The Conversation

The Argo Anggrek train have been gone for 30 minutes from Gambir. It’s been a while. I bet I’m not on Jakarta area anymore, and toward Bandung right now. It’s also have been for 30 minutes I spent talking with Gia which is sitting right next to me.

Gia is one of many my college friends. We’re on the same university, but on a different department and faculty. I just knew her when I participated on some campus activities, and we’re on the same committee. She’s an interesting girl, energetic, clever, and always cheerful. Like right now, we’ve been on conversations for 30 minutes, but she seems to be on the mood for talking.

“So, you’re always hiking like this?” I asked.

“Yes, I am. Because sometimes I’ve had some kind of ‘feelings’ which I know, it isn’t good for me. It’s also a coincident, about two days ago I called some friends, and these two responded about hiking to Bandung.”

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The Journey, vol.7: The Departure

6:45. Gambir.
I went directly to the platform after I paid the cab. Platform 3. There will be a train which will take me to Bandung that morning. I’m not use to take the train this early from Gambir, but I hope it’ll be quite empty. Well, so I’ll be easy to get on it.

I saw just a few people who are going to the Platform 3 with me. Great. It could be empty as well. It could be, less people who are using the Argo Anggrek train. It could be, all the passengers already on the Platform 3.

Less than 5 minutes, I’ve arrived on Platform 3. And yes it is, Argo Anggrek train already there. And, the platform was quite empty.

I read the ticket on my hand. I searched for the seat number, and the coach number. 3rd coach. Seat 3A. And, I looked into the train coach upon me. What a coincident, it’s 3rd coach. Great! I went directly to the nearest door.

When I stepped into the 3rd coach and searched for my seat, I heard voices which somehow I knew. She’s just only seconds away from me. Actually I wanted to find her, but well, just let it be. There’re still important things besides looking for the voices. Anyway, it could be only my feelings.

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The Journey, vol.6: The Incident

That morning I wake up late. Well, 30 minutes later still be called as late, right? So, I always wake up at 5 o’clock, but that day I wake up 5:30. And, after wake up, I immediately go to the bathroom.

About 15 minutes, I finished bathing and brush my teeth. I recheck all my belongings. Started with checking my luggage, backpack bag containing a laptop, and the train ticket. Argo Anggrek. 7 o’clock. Gambir. Okay, I think everything is ready.

I went out of my apartement, and lock it. Then while walking on the hall and took the luggage and backpack in the back, I press the Monica’s number on my cellphone.

Once. Twice. Tone sounds three times before finally I heard the voice Monica.

“Hello, Love. Are you leaving?” Monica responds.

“Yes, I am. I just went out from the apartment, and now going to the lobby.” I answered.

“Okay, then. Be careful on the road. You get the taxi to Gambir, ‘eh? And your bike would be kept on garage of the building, right? ”

“Yes. Just calm. I’ll let you know later when I’ll go from Gambir. ”

“Take care, babe.”

“Okay, honey. Love you.” I said.

“Love you too.” Monica answered. And then I hang up the phone connection.
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The Journey, vol.5: The Harbor

Sea welcomes me with the wind on my face. And then, on return I was pushed back to the sea. Full moon. It must be a good night to sail. But the harbor is empty. The fishermans could be sailed, or they don’t sail at all.

She’s there. At the first place I brought her here. Sit back on a chair. Her hair waved by the wind, facing the sea. Showing her back on me. Keep me on silence. Not noticing me even though I made my steps with voices.

“Ehem..” I make a sound once. No respond. But I’m still walking toward her, and hoping she’ll look back at me. But she didn’t. Even though I’m standing on her back, and facing the same sea with her.

“You should told me if you’re going out of town.” She said without turning back her body, or even looked at me.

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