I’m Still Here

I received so many text messages, emails, and also IM messages, asking and wondering, “Where have I been for these days..” and, the answers were always the same, “I’m still here. Still live. Still trying to be a better man – if I can’t be the best..”

But even though I’m still here, actually I wanted to go somewhere else. A place which I never been there before, or maybe on a middle of nowhere. Where I can be lost in translation. Where I can be just the way I am, because noone knows me, of whatΒ  I am, but just the way they see me. –> Kinda’ confusing, huh? πŸ˜›

I always wonder, when could I travel -at least- across my country, Indonesia. Because the fact is, Indonesia is a big country, with thousands islands. Indonesia is the greatest archipelago that I ever knew – which I learned from books and histories. Indonesia, is a country with full-diversities, such as culture, customs, and of course – language.

Indonesia is a rich country. That sentence was said by the founding fathers of Indonesia, and I – as Indonesian truly proud of it.

Dreams are things that I always owned. And with dreams, I live until now, and then.That dreams always live on my mind, until someday, I can achieve it. But then, I’m still here…

And now, who’s going to share the same dreams with me? Just let me know.. πŸ˜‰

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A happy family-man. Lives in Jakarta. Currently working in advertising, marketing, communication, social media, & strategic planning.


  1. kadang gitu ya?
    kita terlalu pengen ngeliad kluar walopun sebnernya indonesia ini punya lebih buanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk skali sisi amazing daripada thailand ato lebih pure trully asia daripada malaysia. jadi pengen juga backpackers dari barat ampe timur indonesia…abis itu baru kluar indonesia *teuteup*

    lam kenal btw ^_^v

  2. halah… postingan curhat euy

  3. saatnya liburan dan menyepi ke mana gitu kayaknya, bil πŸ˜€

  4. ray,, hehe.. so you wanna go backpack? why don’t you join me? i have this kind of plan – getting backpack travelling across indonesia.. but still, i don’t know when it’ll be.. do you have any suggestion?

    uchie,, hmm…

    hanny,, yep.. you’re right! i really need a vacation and cooling down moment..

  5. andai aaa.. aaa..

    yaa.. some times i wanna 90 to some where

    kalu aJah ada dora emaon aku mu pinjem kanton9 ajaibna.. πŸ˜†

  6. being a backpacker is always fine! no mater how much budget you have.

  7. boyin,, that’s a dream.. πŸ˜‰

    wi3nd,, hehe.. doraemon always gave us the chance to dream.. πŸ˜‰

  8. hahaha kesanya lagi ngelamun ya hahahah

  9. tuh.. udah byk yg ngajakin jd backpacker bil..

  10. salam kenal dulu yaa…wkekekeke

  11. oh..isi hati ya? ;))

  12. How about my little village, Kalimantan Timur…??? He…he…he..

    I more btter to Bali or Lombok…(Oh, i’ve never to there…!)

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