The Journey, vol.1

walking on the sand, courtesy of
walking on the sand, courtesy of

“When you’re at the boiling point of your life, going back to where you’re belonged is the right choice. To the place feels home.”

Home. I’ve already forgotten what the real mean from that word which contained four letters. At least, that what I felt these years. Because actually, back on the old times, I knew where was my home. But now?

People said, home is a place to be protected. From heat, cold, and to gather around with family, and those who we loved. Hmm.. well that sounds true actually. But, just for the part which saying, protecting from heat, and cold. Gather around with family? Hmm.. I’ve already done it. But, whose? Read More

I’m Still Here

I received so many text messages, emails, and also IM messages, asking and wondering, “Where have I been for these days..” and, the answers were always the same, “I’m still here. Still live. Still trying to be a better man – if I can’t be the best..”

But even though I’m still here, actually I wanted to go somewhere else. A place which I never been there before, or maybe on a middle of nowhere. Where I can be lost in translation. Where I can be just the way I am, because noone knows me, of what  I am, but just the way they see me. –> Kinda’ confusing, huh? 😛 Read More

Blog Contest (Freak!) Blogging Contest Blogging Contest

Since I’ve won the blogging contest which is held by AXIS for the Java Jazz few weeks ago, I was more realizing that blogging could – actually – give us many things. Those things may vary, but the possibilities are big enough – starting from money, gifts, souvenirs, tickets, and so.

Now, if I went to the search engine such as Google and Yahoo! I – sometimes – search for another blogging contest in the internet. Why? Because, I have a curiosity about the gift that would be given if I won the contest.
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Understanding Perfections

women, courtesy of
women, courtesy of

“What do you seek from a woman?” one of my buddy asked me on the other day, while we’re having a lunch. A quite simple and short question, but could make a long and full perspective answers.
“I seek for her integrity. Her passion for life. And of course, her personality.” I answered.
“Don’t you seek for any perfection? Especially on her body, and physically?” he asked again. And, I didn’t take long time to answer that.
“I do seek. But that’s not the priority.”
“WHY?” he asked – again.
I took a deep breathe, and prepared the words and sentences correctly to answer – again the question.
“Because, I realized that nobody’s perfect. Only GOD that is perfect. Because, sometimes body – physically tricks you. Sometimes, what’s good physically, would be bad on other things. Especially her heart.”
He went silence. And I continued my lunch.
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Java Jazz, Here I Come!


Yesterday, when I’m still in my office, waiting for the rain stop and also avoiding the traffic jam to my home, I was announced as one of many winners of a contest in the internet. The contest is for bloggers which make a post (s) in their blogs about Java Jazz. The topic itself was divided into 4 kinds.
1.    The experience in using AXIS – the good GSM.
2.    Who’s the artist which we wanted to watch the performance in Java Jazz, and why?
3.    Tips & tricks to see Java Jazz, made by our self.
4.    Review of Jason Mraz’s newest album.

The 4 topics could chosen one of them, or chose all of it to be posted in the blogs. And, I chose 2 topics, and posted it into 3 posts. 2 posts were posted in here, and 1 post was posted in this here. Well, if you wanted to read them, you could click here , here , and here.
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And so, it begins…

Today, 23 years ago a child was birth to this world. A child of Julius & Etty. A child whom is second son, and also second child for them. On a small town in the south of West Java – Tasikmalaya.

The child was later named Billy. The name means dependable protector. His parents hoped that, this child would protect the family, whose include his relatives, brothers and sisters.
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