Billy WHO?

Billy Koesoemadinata. A 20 something guy, single no more – unavailable, :mrgreen: and a proud family man. He is an experienced marketing & communication for digital & journalism.

Now, he lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, recently working as Marketing & Communication for PlasaMSN at Metra-Net. Previously, he was positioned as Social Media Executive at Metra-Net, and before that he was working as Editor for iDEA Online, and Editorial Staff for Tabloid RUMAH at Kompas Gramedia Group, Group of Magazine at 2008-2011 period.

He loves to write: copywritings, short stories, feature writings, and creative writing. He’s also love to travel, take some pictures – as photography, watch movies, listen to the music, blogging, read books, and anything else (more!). For a guy on his age, had too many experiences because of the interests – some people said that!

Some abilities that he developed lately are project management, strategic planning, strategic marketing & communication, and digital ads planning.

As an entrepreneur wannabe, he believes that anything is possible as long as has efforts to have it. Had a great interest on astronomy and UFOs. He believes that universe is a massive warehouse of science – since he didn’t went to the Astronomy major of study on his college.

His biggest dream is to be a writer – the appropriate words would be “a freelancer book-article-blog-web content writer”. And now, he’s struggling to achieve it.

Blue is the color he loves the most. But then, almost all of his clothes are black and white – since it’s simple and easy to get.

He loves to drink cappuccino. That’s why his other blogs titled ‘I don’t drink coffee but cappuccino’. His favorite food would be home-made. And, he loves to cook also!

Always has the interest on getting married on young age. Since, he always get disappointed by many women. (woot) And now, he’s making plans to get the target as living it. Currently, he’s already married with the woman he loves, at March 26, 2011. And recently being a father of a beautiful daughter since April 20th, 2012.

If you want to know him better, just search on the social networking, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or click here. Or, type the keyword “Billy Koesoemadinata” on the search engine such as Google and Yahoo! – The results may vary.

He can be contacted via his twitter, or email to

In the mean time, enjoy this blogs!


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