Billy WHO?

Billy Koesoemadinata. A 20 30 something guy and a happy family man (a father | a husband of a lovely woman). Experienced advertising operation and also marketing & communication for digital & journalism.

Lives at Jakarta, Indonesia. Professional info, please check to LinkedIn.

Loves to write: copywritings, short stories, feature writings, and creative writings. Also love to travel, take pictures (and learning photography), watch movies, listen to the music, blogging, read books, and anything else (more!).

Skills: project management, strategic planning, strategic marketing & communication, and digital advertising planning & optimization, creative directing.

An entrepreneur wannabe.

Had a great interests on astronomy and UFOs. Believes that universe is a massive warehouse of science.

His biggest dream is to be a writer.

Blue and red is the color he loves the most. But then, almost all of his clothes are black and white – since they are simple and easy to get.

He loves to drink cappuccino. That’s why his other blog titled ‘I don’t drink coffee but cappuccino’ — currently closed for public. His favorite food would be home-made. And, he loves to cook also!

Wanted to know more? Contact via email to

*Updated Feb. 28. 2018


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