3 Parts of Web Designing

Web designing simply divided into 3 parts. Planning, process, and trial-error. For me, those 3 parts could be known as Designing-Coding-Trying. Why did I know it like that? Let’s take a look at this post.

The first part is planning. In this part, we encourage our resources to design our web wannabe. This includes how the web would look like, when the web would like, and how if the web have any errors. Those designs should be well-planned with appropriate tasks which should be done orderly by dates.

But then, I simply know the first part is Designing. Why? Because I think designing is the core of ‘web design’ things. Designing could take so much time in this part just to ensure all of the interests are on the web. This designing includes display designing, promotional designing, and of course marketing designing. The display designing is how the web look like, promotional designing is how to gain first page of Google, and marketing designs is how the web should gain fortunes by ads.

Is that answers enough? If it’s not, you are open to e-mail me, nor mention me on my twitter. Now, let’s move to the second part.

Let’s see, the second part is process. This part contains of web splitting, coding, and re-coding. Well, I mention the word – coding – twice, since it’s the most important thing in this second one. Why? Because the coding things are just how we could make the display design would look as it should look like. If the codings are un-appropriate, the display won’t be well displayed as designs, and re-codings are needed to be managed.

For some people with IT backgrounds, coding would be just a piece of cake. Yes, it’s easy for the IT people. But, actually the IT people are limited to those who are programmers. The systems and management guys, sometimes just can’t do the coding things. But hey, coding is available to be studied. Yes, it is. Since I’m not IT graduated, but still I’m learning the coding things. – I’ll tell you the story later on, if I remembered :mrgreen:

And, the last but not least, is trial-error. Actually, this part is a part of the second one. But, I took it different, since this part sometimes needs the user experience. Yep, the trial-error needs the third person opinion – not just from the designer and client. And, from those third opinions, designers (and sometimes also with clients) would make some refreshes.

I said this part as trying. Why? No matter what, errors or no errors, the designed web as a product clearly needs to be tried. And, if there are any errors could be found, I see it as a good sign because it shows any ‘leak’ on our designs. Of course, we need to fix that leak, aren’t we?

So, let’s design the web!


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